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Which three recommendations must be taken into consideration when an engineer is installing a new Voice WLAN? (Choose three.)

A.    Use the Cisco wireless phone site survey client utility.
B.    Use a separate Cisco Wireless Lan Controller.
C.    Enable load balance on voice WLANs.
D.    Maintain -67dBM as a minimal RSSI.
E.    Set data for 2.4 GHz and voice for 5 GHz using separate SSIDs.
F.    Enable lower data rates for 2.4-GHz data WLAN.

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Which Cisco feature can be run on a Cisco router that terminates a WAN connection, to gather and provide WAN circuit information that helps switchover to dynamically back up the WAN circuit?

A.    Cisco Express Forwarding
B.    IP SLA
C.    passive interface
D.    traffic shaping

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Which Cisco monitoring solution displays information and important statistics for the security devices in a network?

A.    Cisco Prime LAN Management
B.    Cisco ASDM Version 5.2
C.    Cisco Threat Defense Solution
D.    Syslog Server

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A user is unable to establish an AnyConnect VPN connection to an ASA. When using the Real-Time Log viewer within ASDM to troubleshoot the issue, which two filter options would the administrator choose to show only syslog messages relevant to the VPN connection? (Choose two.)

A.    Client’s public IP address
B.    Client’s operating system
C.    Client’s default gateway IP address
D.    Client’s username
E.    ASA’s public IP address

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Refer to the exhibit. If the given configuration is applied to the object-group vpnservers, during which time period are external users able to connect?

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For which purpose is the Cisco ASA CLI command aaa authentication match used?

A.    Enable authentication for SSH and Telnet connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.
B.    Enable authentication for console connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.
C.    Enable authentication for connections through the Cisco ASA appliance.
D.    Enable authentication for IPsec VPN connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.
E.    Enable authentication for SSL VPN connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.
F.    Enable authentication for Cisco ASDM connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.

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Which protocols can be used to send to Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) the show tech- support command output information about the Cisco UCS domain? (Choose two.)

A.    TFTP
B.    FTP
C.    SCP
D.    Telnet
E.    SecureTelnet

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Which option describes the possible result of a customer configuring a server pool that contains Cisco UCS B200 M2 and B250 M2 blades?

A.    A service profile cannot migrate automatically from one blade to another blade within the server pool due
to hardware failure.
B.    You must decommission a blade server for the associated service profile to migrate to another blade in the
server pool successfully.
C.    You must uncheck the Restrict Migration box in the service profile to allow service profile migration between
blades in the server pool.
D.    After service profile migration, the server fails in boot from SAN due to differences in PCI device IDs.

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