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Lab Simulation
Scenario: due to an earthquake that destroyed the office in Penang, employees in the Penang office will temporarily work from the Seoul office. The Seoul office was already bandwidth constrained, and the addition of 50 engineers who need to primarily access a design application through the XenApp 6.5 farm has created a variety of issues for the IT department.
Information about the applications used by the engineers:
– The engineers only access the engineering and office productivity application.
– All of thespecialtyapplications that the engineers use aresegregated into the EngineeringApps group.
– The specialtyapplicationsthat he engineersuse areoccasionallyaccessed by non-engineering users.
The XenApp Administrator must take all possible steps to reduce network bandwidth utilization for user sessions until the WAN link can be upgraded and/or Branch repeater can be installed.
Information about the current environment and application usage:
– There are NO concernsregarding existingdatacenter server or farm resources
– Existing resourcesare abundant
– The engineers print large,complex drawing that do not usethe Citrix Universal driver
– The bandwidth concerned by those printjobs needs to be limited
– The engineeringaccept that limiting the bandwidthconsumed by print jobs meansthat print jobs may take longer,and during peak times,quality of video may be degraded.
– Users from other offices alsoconnect to the environment.
In order to optimize bandwidth usage, an architect has recommended that the XenApp administrator set all image-related visual display compression settings to the maximum level of Penang Users and Seoul Users only, and set the maximum threshold to 100 kbps. Printer bandwidth related issues will be addressed at a later time.
Task: Configure the appropriate policy to meet the recommendations by the architect and the requirements presented in the scenario.

Answer: Pending

Scenario: A group of users with thin clients connect to hosted desktop XenApp and then launch their published application from within the desktop. When users log into their hosted desktop, the dialogue shown in the attached exhibit appears.

Which two actions should the XenApp administrator take to resolve this problem? (Choose two)

A.    Install the Citrix Single sign-in agent
B.    Verify that the XenApp Services site is configured with pass-through authentication.
C.    Apply a group policy to the XenApp servers that uses the icaclient ADM file and enable pass- through
for the Citrix receiver.
D.    Apply a Group policy to the user workstation that uses the icaclient ADM file and enable pass- through
for the Citrix Receiver.

Answer: BD

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator enabled session linger through policies and choice that values in the attached exhibit. Marry users are complaining that when that when they choose to relaunch a published application, the full logon process is installed.

What could be the reason for this behavior?

A.    The Linger terminate Interval policy value is too long.
B.    The Linger Terminate Interval policy value is too short.
C.    The Linger disconnects Timer Interval policy value is too short.
D.    The Linger Disconnects Timer Interval policy value is too short.

Answer: B

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator changed the credentials used to connect to the data store. The IMA Service is NOT starting after the restart.
Which component could be causing this issue?

A.    Roaming profile
B.    Local host cache
C.    Citrix XML Service
D.    ODBC/DSN Configuration

Answer: D

Scenario: A XenApp noticed an issue that is affecting all XenApp servers in a farm. The local host
cache of reach server is too large for the system drive, and it causes IMA services to stop. The Administrator attempted to restart the IMA Service, and the error in the attached exhibit occurred.
Click the exhibit button.

Which option explains the cause of issue?

A.    The data store is Corrupt. The administrator needs to restore the local cache, restart all the servers and
restore the least data store backup.
B.    The data store is Corrupt. The administrator needs to restore the latest data store backup, recreate the
local host cache and restart all the servers.
C.    The local host cache is corrupt. The administrator needs to restart all the servers, recreate the local host
cache and restart all the servers.
D.    The local host cache is corrupt. The administrator needs to force restore the latest data collector backup,
recreate the local host cache and restart all the servers.

Answer: B

Scenario: Users report that immediately after logging onto a hosted desktop, this session disconnect. The administrator enables auto-client reconnect logging in order to troubleshoot the issue. Where are the logging events retained?

A.    Data store
B.    Server System Log
C.    EdgeSight database
D.    Configuration logging database

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp Administrator asked the Active Directory team to implement a new OU Group object to enable the Session Reliability feature. Another administrator needs to check the session reliability port number due to incompatibility with a financial application, to do so, the XenApp Administrator is creating a new Citrix Group Policy Object to set the value of the session reliability port number to TCP 2599.
What will be the resultant policy on the XenApp servers?

A.    Session reliability will be enabled, and the port number will be set to TCP 2599.
B.    Session reliability will NOT be enabled, but the port number will be set to TCP 2599
C.    Session reliability will be disabled and the port number will remain in the default setting (TCP 2598)
D.    Session reliability will NOT be enabled, and the port number will remain in the default setting (TCP 2598)

Answer: A

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator is using Provisioning Services to deliver XenApp servers mode that utilize streamed applications. The administrator noticed excessive amounts of network traffic when users launch streamed applications and users report frozen sessions occasionally.
How should the administrator address the issue?

A.    Cache the application at launch time.
B.    Deploy App-V for application streaming
C.    Deploy the application locally through SCOM
D.    Pre-cache the streamed application before capturing the vDisk.

Answer: D

Scenario: When users connect to their published applications, the printer configured on their workstation are mapped in their XenApp sessions. During an investigation around performance problems, the administrator discovers that a high amount of printers drivers are being installed in the XenApp servers.
What can the administrator do to prevent this from happening?

A.    Disable the auto client printers policy
B.    Configure the Auto-create generic universal printer policy
C.    Configure the automatic installation of native printer drivers policy.
D.    Configure the Universal printer Driver in the Printer Driver mapping and compatibility.

Answer: C

Scenario: A company has hired 100 new call center agents at a remote office that will access XenApp applications. The WAN link completed for several months, so maximum compressions settings have been enabled from all call center users.
Call center users now report that the user experience is worse. Upon researching the issue, the administrator sees that bandwidth utilization has been reduced to less than 70% on average.
What is causing the poor user experience?

A.    XenApp CPU utilization
B.    XenApp memory utilization
C.    Client memory utilization
D.    Server disk space utilization

Answer: A

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