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Scenario: Some users in remote offices complain that Citrix sessions are slow, and the network administrator has asked the Citrix Administrator to determine whether any data transmission errors are occurring for a group of sample users. In this environment, EdgeSight, Branch repeater and Session reliability are NOT used.
How can the Citrix Administrator determine the extent of data transmissions errors based on the sample users?

A.    Configure Multi-Stream for sample users.
B.    Open the Citrix Connection Center for sample users.
C.    Enable ICA round trip calculations for idle connections for sample users.
D.    Change the active session limit to something other than Never in the ICA-TCP settings.

Answer: B

Lab Simulation
Scenario: The Xirtic environment consists of two datacenters: Tokyo and Seoul. Servers in the environment are categorized into worker groups: Engineering Apps and Office Productivity Apps.
There are total of four servers in the environment.

The various offices are on the following subnets:
The XenApp servers can be accesses internally or externally using the following FQDNs:

Information about application access and usage:
– Engineering usersneed access tothe Design Project application.
– Engineering users must access the application throughWeb interface whileon the corporate networkand from remote locations.
– Engineering usersaccessboth published and streamed applications.
Information about security:
– A corporatepolicy mandates that separate sites arecreated TokyoEngineeringusers and SeoulEngineering users.
– Management also wants to address given to the client to be determined by theaddress translationmappings in Web Interface.
– The public domainname is Xirtic.comand the internal domain name us Xirtic.local
– All server hostname are thesame internally and externally.
As the XenApp Administrator, configure the necessary settings in the Web interface Management Console to meet the requirements specified by the Xirtic management team.

Answer: Pending

As part of a migration from XenApp 5 to XenApp6.5, a company plans to migrate existing published application data to the new farm.
Which tool should an administrator use to complete the migration?

A.    XenApp Prep Integration Tool
B.    XenApp Server Role manager
C.    Citrix XenApp Migration Center
D.    Citrix AppCenter in the target farm

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator deployed Remote Desktop roaming Profiles within an existing XenApp farm. As part of the transition to XenApp 6.5, Citrix Profile management will replace the existing profile solution for XenApp user sessions.
Which two components must the administrator modify in order to implement this solution? (Choose two)

A.    Web Interface
B.    XenApp server
C.    Citrix License Server
D.    Active Directory GPOs

Answer: BD

Lab Simulation
Scenario: A Citrix Administrator in the Xirtic environment has configured a new XenApp farm with three serves and plans to add more servers to the farm at a later time. The administrator wants to configure the XenApp environment so that additional servers can be added with reduced effort.
Applications published in the environment are distributed on servers in the following ways:
XTXATY01: Microsoft Office
XTXASL01: Microsoft office and CRM
Create the least amount of worker groups necessary to ensure new servers added to the farm are automatically assigned to specific application workloads.
Use the following naming convention: WorkGroup1, WorkGroup2.

Answer: Pending

An administrator is configuring a XenApp 6.5 farm that has the default printer settings still in place. Which configuration would require the administrator to make a change to the default printer settings?

A.    Auto-create all client printers
B.    Auto-install native printer drivers
C.    Do not use Universal printing compression
D.    Only use Universal printing if the requested driver is unavailable

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator needs to configure scheduled restarts for half the farm at 1:00 pm and the other half at 2:00 pm. All the servers resides in the same OU.
Which two actions should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two)

A.    Go to the servers in AppCenter, and use the Logon Control options.
B.    Create worker groups named 1PM and 2PM, and add server accordingly.
C.    Crate two Citrix policies with settings to restart, and filter the policies by worker group.
D.    Create two GPOs with settings to restart, and assign the GPOs to OU containing the farm servers.

Answer: BC

Scenario: An administrator needs to provide quick access and fast experience for a group of users when they access one important application. These users are members of group called CTX-VIP.
How can the administrator configure the environment to ensure that these users will have the experience that they need when they use the important application?

A.    Profile and stream the important application for the CTX-VIP group to the XenApp servers.
B.    Enable the Preferential Load Balancing policy, assign a High session interface for group CTX- VIP and
set the application importance for this application.
C.    Configure the Citrix user policy settings to assign more CPU for this group and configure the computer
policy enabling the fair sharing of CPU between sessions.
D.    Create a load evaluator with low CPU threshold, assign for the group CTX-VIP and configure a computer
policy with Preferential Load Balancing enabled for this group.

Answer: B

An executive is connecting to the corporate XenApp Web interface and clicks on the published application he wishes to use, but nothing happens.
What could be causing this issue?

A.    The web interface site is not configured properly
B.    One XenApp server is NOT able to process the request.
C.    The published application references included in the ICA file are not valid.
D.    The zone data collector is too busy to process the launch application request.

Answer: C

An administrator is attempting to view information about a server process from the XenCenter console which is displayed in the attached exhibit.


Which communication process is malfunctioning?

A.    ICA
B.    IMA
C.    SSL
D.    XML

Answer: B

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