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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 74-353
Exam Name: Windows UX Design
Version: 14.91

When should you use a Crossfade animation?

A.    When some of the information on the page is changing.
B.    When semantic zoom is invoked.
C.    When users launch the application.
D.    when users start their Windows 8 devices.

Answer: A

You are designing a Windows 8 application.
You need to include animation.
What should you do?

A.    Choose a free animation from the Windows 8 Animation Library.
B.    Purchase an animation from the Windows 8 Animation Library.
C.    Choose a free animation from the Windows 8 Animation Library, or create your own animation.
D.    Create your own animation.

Answer: D

Which monetizing method usually generates the least revenue for applications that don’t have a strong pre-existing brand?

A.    in-application purchase
B.    third-party transaction
C.    advertising
D.    one-time purchase

Answer: D

Which statement about application names is true?

A.    An application name must be unique throughout the store.
B.    An application name must be unique within its category.
C.    An application name must be unique within its market.
D.    An application can have the same name as any other application in the store.

Answer: C

An advertiser is willing to pay a S2 CPM. What does CPM refer to in this context?

A.    cost per 1,000 impressions
B.    cost per 1,000,000 impressions
C.    cost per impression
D.    cost per month

Answer: A

Which attribute makes the Windows Store a good place for users to discover new applications?

A.    availability from the Start screen
B.    advertising support
C.    flexible business model
D.    transparent terms and onboarding process

Answer: A

Which entry point is required in the Settings pane for network-capable applications?

A.    User Login
B.    Connection Status
C.    Privacy Statement
D.    Feedback

Answer: C

What should an application do if a user activates the Share charm when nothing on the page can be shared?

A.    Disable the Share charm.
B.    Display a default message in the share pane.
C.    Display a message dialog indicating that sharing is not possible.
D.    Display and immediately dismiss the share pane.

Answer: B

Which two entry points are automatically included in the Settings pane? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Rate and Review
B.    About
C.    Permissions
D.    Terms of Use

Answer: BC
* App settings
The top part of the Settings pane lists entry points for your app settings. Each entry point opens a Settings flyout that displays the settings themselves. Entry points let you create categories of settings, grouping similar or related controls together. Rate and reviewWindows provides two entry points, Permissions and Rate and review. Only apps that are installed through the Windows Store have the Rate and review entry point (not A). Side-loaded enterprise apps don’t have this entry point.

Which two requirements should a file picker view design meet? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Be consistent with the list/browsing pages of the application.
B.    Provide only the minimum functionality required to support file picking.
C.    Be different from the list/browsing pages of the application.
D.    Provide access to all file-related commands available in the application.

Answer: AB
A, Not C: Design the page to display in the file picker (your file picker page) based on an existing page that your app uses to display files. If your app is providing files for the user to pick through a file picker, your app should have an existing page that lets users view files. We recommend that you design your file picker page so that it is consistent with this existing file-view page. Making these two pages consistent with each other helps users feel comfortable and familiar with how your app displays files in the file picker.
B (not D): Design your file picker page around your user’s current task. Keep the UI for your file picker page focused on the user’s current task, like helping users pick, save, or update files, by stripping out UI that is not directly related. This helps make sure that using the file picker is a quick, in-and-out experience that gets users back into the app they were using (the calling app or caller).

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