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Vendor: Riverbed
Exam Code: 201-01
Exam Name: Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate – Visibility

How do you configure a new user for the Cascade Shark appliance?

A.    From the User Management section of the Web Interface
B.    From the Basic Settings page of the Web Interface
C.    From the Users menu of Cascade Pilot
D.    From the Advanced Settings page of the Web Interface

Answer: A

To drill down and analyze a file within Cascade Pilot, you should. (Select 2)

A.    Select a graphic object in a View chart, and drag a View on the object.
B.    Select a graphic object in a View chart, and drag a View on the trace file.
C.    Select the View, right-click, and apply it with the filter associated with a graphic object.
D.    Right-click in the View chart, and select “Drill-down” to select the View.

Answer: AD

What are the default credentials to log into the Cascade Shark appliance Web Interface?

A.    admin/admin
B.    root/sharkappliance
C.    root/root
D.    root/riverbed
E.    admin/cacetech

Answer: A

In the Cascade Profiler GUI, what format can be used for a Dashboard Content Block? (Select 3)

A.    Connection Graph
B.    Detailed Flow List
C.    Table
D.    Pie Chart
E.    Line Graph

Answer: CDE

In the Cascade Profiler GUI, what do the QoS values mean?

A.    They are based upon the 6-bit Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP).
B.    They are based upon Host Group definitions, defined within the Cascade GUI.
C.    They are based upon Application definitions, defined within the Cascade GUI.
D.    They are based upon Port definitions, defined within the Cascade GUI.

Answer: A

On Cascade Profiler, which of the following are configurable from the Configuration> User Interface Preferences interface? (Select 4)

A.    Default Host Group Type to use on the User Interface and Reports
B.    Whether hosts will be displayed by IP address or DNS/DHCP hostname
C.    User’s Timezone to use for the User Interface and Reports
D.    Option to control whether bandwidth is reported in Bits or Bytes
E.    Host group definitions for mapping IP subnets into Custom host groups

Answer: ABCD

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Settings enable Cascade Profiler to: (Select 2)

A.    receive mail from others.
B.    send reports.
C.    send disk failure notifications.
D.    send alerts.

Answer: BD

How many Host Group Types can you define within Cascade Profiler?

A.    Unlimited
B.    1000
C.    100
D.    10
E.    3

Answer: D

Which Cascade product runs under Riverbed Service Platform (RSP)?

A.    Sensor-VE
B.    Gateway-VE
C.    Express RSP
D.    Pilot

Answer: A

From Cascade Pilot, reports may include:

A.    One or all views from the main workspace.
B.    Notes entered associated with a view.
C.    Analyst and Client information entered.
D.    A and B.
E.    A, B and C.

Answer: E

A company has been using a Cascade Express-300 Profiler for some time, but has recently started dropping flows as they are overrunning their licensed limit. What is the best course of action if they are considering an upgrade to the next tier of Cascade Profiler? (Select 2)

A.    The company must buy a new Standard Cascade Profiler and stop using their Express.
B.    The company can continue to use their Express but must buy a new Cascade Profiler.
C.    The Express can be further licensed to capture the currently dropped flows.
D.    The company must buy a new Standard Cascade Profiler but can use the Express functioning as a
remote Cascade Sensor.
E.    The company must buy a new Standard Cascade Profiler and can continue to use their Express but
the two Cascade Profilers must be used independent of one another.
F.    The company can try to reduce the number of flows being seen by the Express.

Answer: BD

In the traffic reporting tabs on Cascade Profiler, each report-by option has a default template that controls content and formatting of the resulting report. Which of the following is controlled by the default template?

A.    Inclusion of a pie chart
B.    Inclusion of a flow list
C.    Data resolution (1 min, 15 min, 1 hr, etc.)
D.    Columns that are included in the summary table
E.    Sort order of the summary table
F.    All of the above

Answer: F

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