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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 74-353
Exam Name: Windows UX Design
Version: 14.91

You are designing a file picker page for an application.
The top and bottom areas of the page are controlled by Windows.
You need to place a Refresh command on the page.
Where should you place the command?

A.    At the bottom of the file picker content area (above the area controlled by Windows).
B.    On the file picker page app bar.
C.    On a flyout menu.
D.    At the top of the file picker content area (below the area controlled by Windows).

Answer: D

What is the recommended font size for page headers?

A.    11 points
B.    20 points
C.    42 points
D.    72 points

Answer: C

Which application element is “chrome”?

A.    article text
B.    group boxes
C.    photos
D.    section headings

Answer: B

What is the most important reason to design for accessibility?

A.    Accessibility is a growing trend in application design.
B.    All people should be able to access the application.
C.    It will increase the rating of the application.
D.    It is required by the Windows Store.

Answer: D

Which of the following statements about Narrator is true?

A.    windows does not support touch gestures when running Narrator.
B.    Windows supports fewer touch gestures when running Narrator.
C.    Windows supports more touch gestures when running Narrator.
D.    Windows supports the same set of touch gestures regardless of whether Narrator is running.

Answer: C

Which of the following is the most important practice for globalizing an application?

A.    Avoid the use of text in the application interface.
B.    Design the application interface to adapt to different text sizes, orientations, and layouts.
C.    Include solutions in the application for visually impaired users and users who are deaf or hard of hearing.
D.    Design the application interface to accept different gestures for different cultures.

Answer: B

You are designing a localized application.
How much space should you allow for the localization of English-language text strings?

A.    20%
B.    30%
C.    40%
D.    50%

Answer: C

What is the minimum foreground:background contrast ratio required between normal text and its background?

A.    3:1
B.    4.5:1
C.    7:1
D.    21:1

Answer: B

What is the primary purpose of an application hub page?

A.    To provide specific details about content.
B.    To provide direct access to all pages of the application.
C.    To invite users to explore content and user flows.
D.    To display search results.

Answer: C

What is the primary purpose for using the nav bar (top app bar)?

A.    To search within the application.
B.    To navigate within the application.
C.    To drill down to deeper content.
D.    To switch to other open applications.

Answer: B

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