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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-583
Exam Name: Oracle User Productivity Kit 11 Technical Consultant Essentials

You can deploy your UPK content by placing the Player package on a web server and making it available to your users. You do this by copying the contents of the Player Package folder in the
published content. Then you will need to create a link to two files.
Identify the two files.

A.    play.exe
B.    index.html
C.    default.htm
D.    tocx.html
E.    kp.html

Answer: AB

You are engaged as a UPK administrator and publisher for a customer who is in the process of upgrading their Oracle EBS application suite to R12.x. The UPK content development team has finished the first set of topics and asked you to publish the content, so their SMEs can directly access the topic they are responsible for. The SMEs are busy and do not have time to download Individual topics.
Which method should you choose to publish and distribute the content?

A.    Publish the content to the individual topic outputs and host the topics on a web server providing links
to each topic.
B.    Publish the content using the Player/LMS output and distribute the player package folder to each SME.
C.    Publish the content using the Player/LMS output and host the content on a web server and provide the
SMEs with a link to the play.exe file.
D.    Publish the content using the Player/LMS output and host the content on a web server and provide
content developers a link tokp.html.

Answer: B

You have defined a number of customizations for the Knowledge Center user interface. However, when you test them, the customizations are not displayed. You have verified that the modified files have all been placed in the proper directories.
What might be the reason your customizations are not appearing?

A.    The local browser cache on the client system accessing the Knowledge Center must be cleared for
the customizations to appear.
B.    You may be using an unsupported browser. Test your customizations in Internet Explorer version 8 or 9.
C.    You may not have restarted the Web services on the Knowledge Center server. This will reload the.lng
and .cus files on the web server.
D.    It you logged in to the Knowledge Center before you performed your customization, you will need to log
in as a new user to see the customizations.

Answer: C

You are asked to attend a presales call to support your field account representative with a sale of UPK. The account representative has asked you to participate in the meeting because the client has questions about deploying In-Application Support using the SmartHelp browser add-in option in UPK. The client wants to know what is required to deploy SmartHelp to their user community.
Identify the best response.

A.    SmartHelp is deployed from a web server by having the user access setup file in the playerpackage
directory. Users installing SmartHelp must have admin privileges and configure the browsers for ActiveX
B.    SmartHelp is deployed to the user community by installing the UPK single-user option on the end user’s
desktop and configuring the browser for ActiveX controls.
C.    The SmartHelp browser add-in is deployed using the in-application support configuration utility to push
an ActiveX control to the user population.
D.    SmartHelp needs only a web server to run on and is plug-in free. Therefore, it does not require Installation
to deploy it to the user population.

Answer: C

Identify two true statements about the installation of the Knowledge Center User Import Utility.

A.    The Knowledge Center User Import Utility can be installed only before the Knowledge Center Is installed.
B.    The Knowledge Center User Import Utility can be installed on the same server as the Knowledge Center.
C.    The Knowledge Center User Import Utility can be installed on any workstation that can connect to the
Knowledge Center.
D.    The Knowledge Center User Import Utility can be installed only in the Knowledge Center application
root directory.

Answer: BC

A UPK content author has a single-user installation of UPK 3.6.1 on his or her computer. The author would like to keep this installation on his or her machine, but also wants to Install the single user of UPK 11.0.
Identify the process that enables this.

A.    The content author needs to create an .odarc file of all the content he or she wants to keep from the
3.6.1 single-user Installation, and then uninstall 3.6.1. After 3.6.1 is uninstalled, the author can install
11.0. Two different versions of UPK single user cannot be installed on one computer at the same time.
B.    The content author can run the UPK 11.0 setup and install UPK 11.0 in a folder structure that is different
from where the UPK 3.6.1 is installed. Both versions of the developer can be launched independently.
C.    The content author can run the UPK 11.0 setup and Install UPK 11.0 in the same folder structure as
the 3.6.1 Installation. This will upgrade the 3.6.1 installation to version 11.0. Two different versions of
UPK single user cannot be installed on one computer at the same time.
D.    The content author can run the UPK 11.0 setup and install UPK 11.0 in the same folder structure as
the 3.6.1 installation. Because the cache locations of 11.0 and 3.6.1 are different, the two versions of
the UPK can be launched independently.

Answer: B

Which of the following is required to enable end-user access of UPK-generated content-sensitive help in an application using the UPK Help Integration method?

A.    The application administrator must manually map context IDs from each page to the appropriate
URLs for help.
B.    The application administrator must make minor configuration changes to the application.
C.    The application developer must write custom code to enable the help system to launch nonapplication
help files.
D.    The application administrator must use the UPK Developer’s Context Editor to map the application

Answer: B

Identify three statements that are true about the Installation of service pack updates.

A.    You can install these updates without having to reinstall the Developer.
B.    If both UPK and Knowledge Center need to be updated, you must run the installer twice.
C.    As part of the service pack, you must reinstall the UPK Developer.
D.    After installing a service pack for the Developer, you should update each Developer Library with the
appropriate service pack documents.
E.    Service packs will run automatically and you do not need to worry about updating your toolset.

Answer: ABD

What are the minimum permissions needed to run the install scripts?

A.    DB_Accessadmin, DB_Owner
B.    DataReader, DataWriter, DB_Owner
C.    DataReader, DataWriter
D.    DB_Accessadmin
E.    DB_Owner

Answer: D

When updating a Multi user instance of the Developer with a service pack, what is the one additional step you need to remember that is not part of the single user update?

A.    Choose the installation location of the service pack.
B.    Update each Developer Library with the appropriate service pack documents.
C.    Choose the application to which you want to apply the update.
D.    Choose the UPK Developer.

Answer: B

Which statement best describes the main purpose of the library functionality within UPK?

A.    It provides a central storage point for all documents.
B.    It enables you to check out multiple documents at once.
C.    It provides a single location to create content.
D.    It enables you to create multiple documents with the same name.

Answer: C

Identify the statement that is true about the use of UPK client software databases.

A.    The client uses only a server-side database.
B.    The client uses only a client-side database.
C.    The client uses both local-side and server-side databases.
D.    The client does not use any database.

Answer: C

The administrator deletes a folder and all of its contents. While working offline, an author new topic in the folder that the administrator just deleted.
What happens when the author checks in the topic?

A.    The topic is deleted because there is no place to store it.
B.    The folder is re-created with the new topic in it.
C.    The author is prompted to create a new folder to store the topic.
D.    The author is prevented from checking in the topic.

Answer: C

Your library database is corrupted and you decide to restore the database from a recent backup. However, after the library is restored, one of your users informs you that the user is not able to check a document that he or she has been editing. When the user does, he or she gets an error
message saying that the document is not checked out, even though Developer shows it as checked out.
Identify three statements that are true about this scenario.

A.    The document cannot be checked in because it is no longer in the library.
B.    The user can archive the document by exporting it to an .odarc file and reimport it after restarting Developer.
C.    You need to run updateRestoreDate.sql on the database.
D.    Before backing up the database, you should have checked the “All checked out” view and asked all
users to check in their documents.
E.    The document did not exist when the backup was made and, therefore, is lost.

Answer: BCD

You manage o UPK Developer Library, which consists of multiple Groups. Each Author belongs to one or more Groups. You have recently discovered that a user has Modify permission to the System folder, when the user should only have Read permission.
What is the best way to prevent this user from modifying the contents of the System folder?

A.    Override checkout on all documents in the System folder, which are currently checked out to any
users, and then check out the System folder so that no changes can be made.
B.    Use the Effective permissions to identify which group or explicit permission provides the user with
Modify permissions to the System folder. Remove the user from that group or change that group’s
permission to Read.
C.    Prevent the user from modifying the contents of the System folder by adding them to a new group
which has only the Read permission to the System folder.
D.    Copy the contents of the System folder to a new location In the Library. Export the System folder
copy to an ODARC drive to ensure that the user cannot modify its contents.

Answer: B

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