2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Oracle 1Z0-311 Exam Questions

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-311
Exam Name: Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I

You disabled the OC4J instance component, OC4J_DEMOS, by using Application Server Control Console. Which two statements are true regarding the OC4J_DEMOS component? (Choose two.)
A.    Entries in the associated application.xml file would be modified.
B.    All the applications deployed to the OC4J_DEMOS OC4J instance would be unavailable.
C.    The component would not be started when the associated Oracle Application Server instance is started.
D.    The component can be automatically started and enabled by executing the opmnctl startproc process-type=OC4J_DEMOS command.

Answer: BC

In your Oracle Application Server 10g installation, you observe that the Oracle HTTP Server parent process is running as the Oracle user’s process and currently using the default port number 7778. To comply with the development environment, you have been asked to use port number 80 for the parent process. Which step would you perform after changing the Listen directive to 80 in the httpd.conf file to ensure that the changed port number is used by the parent process?

A.    start the process as the root user
B.    start the process as the Oracle user
C.    start the process as any user other than root and Oracle
D.    change the Group directive in the httpd.conf file to the group of the root user and start the process as the Oracle user

Answer: A

You are required to ensure that the OC4J_MyApp instance does not appear in the System Components list on Application Server Control Console, and must not be a part of the opmnctl status command output. What would you do?

A.    stop the OC4J_MyApp OC4J instance by using Application Server Control
B.    disable the OC4J_MyApp OC4J instance by using Application Server Control
C.    stop the OC4J_MyApp OC4J instance by using the opmnctl command-line utility
D.    manually delete the OC4J_MyApp OC4J instance name from the opmn.xml configuration file

Answer: B

You are working as an OracleAS Certificate Authority (OCA) Web administrator and you have lost the password to your private key for the Web administrator certificate. What would you do?

A.    reinstall the OCA server
B.    remove the certificate from Oracle Internet Directory and generate a new certificate request using wallet manager
C.    stop OCA server, revoke the OCA Web administrator’s certificate, start OCA server, and then request for another certificate
D.    revoke the OCA Web administrator’s certificate, generate a new certificate request using Wallet Manager, and then issue a new certificate
E.    stop Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) for the OCA instance, revoke the OCA Web administrator’s certificate, generate a new certificate request using wallet manager, stop OC4J for the OCA instance, and then receive a new certificate from OCA

Answer: C

You are an Oracle Application Server administrator working on the host, edtdr5p1.us.oracle.com. You find that the Application Server Control port number is 1810. How would you start the Application Server Control console process?

A.    by using the emctl utility
B.    by using the dcmctl utility
C.    by using the URL http://edtdr5p1.us.oracle.com:1810
D.    by using the Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN) command-line interface

Answer: A

You want to create a user in Oracle Internet Directory (OID) who should be authenticated using Single Sign-On and should be able to retrieve user information from the Oracle Directory Server. Which two tools can you use to create the user? (Choose two.)

A.    Oracle Wallet Manager
B.    OID Self Service Console
C.    Oracle Directory Manager
D.    OracleAS Single Sign-On Server
E.    Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control

Answer: BC

You joined a share trading company as an Oracle Application Server administrator. The company wants to provide share market details to customers through its Web site. Currently, the company does not offer online trading facility. The content for some pages needs to be refreshed in the Web cache at regular intervals. Which two configurations would you calibrate as part of defining the expiration rule? (Choose two.)

A.    when to expire documents in the cache
B.    where to copy expired documents from the cache
C.    when to remove expired documents from the cache
D.    which user invalidates and removes documents from the cache
E.    which HTTP methods are used for expiration of documents in the cache

Answer: AC

You want authorized users to use the single authentication feature to gain easy access to external applications. Which components must be installed before using OracleAS Single Sign-On? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    OracleAS Wireless
B.    OracleAS Certificate Authority
C.    OracleAS Identity Management
D.    OracleAS Metadata Repository

Answer: CD

You added a new portlet to an existing provider. The provider name is User Data. When you try to add the same portlet to the NORTH_SALES portal page, you notice that the portlet is not available and is not listed in the Available Portlets page in the portlet repository. Which two actions could you perform to view the newly added portlet? (Choose two.)

A.    refresh the portlet repository
B.    refresh the User Data provider
C.    refresh the NORTH_SALES portal page
D.    refresh portal objects as per the directions given in the portlet repository refresh log
E.    refresh the portal page group to which the NORTH_SALES portal page belongs

Answer: AB

After installing Oracle Application Server 10g, you execute the ldapcheck command to find out the status of Oracle Internet Directory (OID) components. Which statement is true?

A.    It provides the status of the OID processes.
B.    It provides the status of the OID system component.
C.    It provides information about OID components that are installed.
D.    It provides connection statistics of LDAP requests that are received by the OID Server.
E.    It provides the statistics of network connection between OID Server Instance and Oracle Database.

Answer: A

In your existing Oracle Application Server 10g installation, you observe that the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) error log file, error_log, is available in the location set in the ServerRoot directive. Because the location set in the ServerRoot directive is running out of space, you want to place the error_log file in a different location. Which directive would you use to place the file in another location?

A.    PidFile
B.    ErrorLog
C.    AccessLog
D.    TransferLog
E.    CoreDumpDirectory

Answer: B

You are an Oracle Application Server administrator. You plan to install OracleAS Infrastructure but you find that some other Oracle products are already installed on the computer. What would you do to avoid any installation problems that might arise due to the products that are already installed?

A.    comment the entry in oratab and oraLoc files
B.    remove the settings for TMP and DISPLAY variables
C.    rename the existing components in oraInventory
D.    remove the settings for ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID environment variables

Answer: D

You are maintaining user information in the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) for authentication. You want to find out whether a user, STEVE, has the last name BENNETT. Which OID utility would you use?

A.    ldapbind
B.    ldifwrite
C.    ldapmoddn
D.    ldapcompare

Answer: D

You have not set the Subscriber Search Base node in Directory Information Tree (DIT) in Identity Management Realm by using the orclSubscriberSearchBase attribute. You use Discovery mechanism to find out user information in the DIT. Which statement is true in this scenario?

A.    This attribute cannot have null values.
B.    This attribute value points to the parent of Default Subscriber.
C.    This attribute would have the same value as User Search Base.
D.    This attribute would have the same value as Default Subscriber.
E.    This attribute would have the same value as Subscriber Nickname.

Answer: B

You are working for a company as an Oracle Application Server administrator. You are responsible for the performance of the company’s Web site and you use Health Monitor of OracleAS Web Cache Manager in your routine performance analysis. You find that Average Latency is very high. On further investigation you find that the problem is not due to the origin server port. What could be the reason for the high Average Latency?

A.    The age of documents in the cache is high.
B.    Compression was enabled for large text documents.
C.    Compression was enabled for documents that do not need it.
D.    Manual invalidation of documents has not been performed since the Web Cache was started.

Answer: C

As an Oracle Application Server administrator, for what purposes would you choose the Identity Management installation option while installing OracleAS Infrastructure? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    to create a new database and populate it with OracleAS Metadata Repository
B.    to configure Oracle Internet Directory against a remote OracleAS Metadata Repository
C.    to install and use additional OracleAS Metadata Repository with existing Identity Management components
D.    to install additional OracleAS Single Sign-On and Oracle Delegated Administration Services components against an existing Oracle Internet Directory

Answer: BD

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