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You are a system administrator.
You are working with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 update process to include new features from a major release in your organization.
How often do new features become available through customer-driven updates in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance?

A.    monthly
B.    quarterly
C.    twice per year
D.    annually

Answer: C

You are a system administrator at Contoso, Inc.
You need to ensure that only system administrators and system customizers have access to your development instance. What should you do?

A.    Switch the instance to managed.
B.    Place the instance in Administration mode.
C.    Use Security Groups to control access to the preview instance.
D.    Set the instance to Preview mode.

Answer: C

You are training new hires on how to configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for use on tablets and mobile devices that use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app. You need to describe the numerous requirements regarding which entities can be edited while using the app. What should you say about the task entity?

A.    The task entity can be set separately to Enable for mobile and read-only in the app.
B.    The task entity appears according to the settings on the activity entity.
C.    The task entity is always visible but can be made read-only for the app.
D.    The task entity can be made visible, and if it is made visible, it can always be edited in the app.

Answer: D

You are an administrator for multiple Microsoft Dynamics 365 instances. The users who access multiple instances want the ability to take some of their data offline in order to work while traveling.
What should you do to implement this request?

A.    Install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook and add all of the instances they use; only enable synchronization and offline data on the one instance where it is needed.
B.    Install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook and add synchronization for the one instance they use the most and offline capabilities for all others.
C.    Install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook and add all of the instances they use and enable synchronization for all of them; add offline capabilities for the one instance where it is needed.
D.    Install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook and add synchronization and offline capabilities on all of the instances they use.

Answer: A

You are a remote sales person using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 app on your tablet to access your data. You are now in an area where you do not have Internet access. Which statement is true?

A.    Records included in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook offline filters have been stored on your tablet for offline access.
B.    Records included in the synchronization filters have been stored on your tablet for offline access.
C.    Records that you own have been stored on your tablet for offline access.
D.    Records recently viewed have been stored on your tablet for offline access.

Answer: C

You work for a large organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365. The organization wants to allow users to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook, but users do not have local administrator rights on their computers.
How should Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook be installed for the users who need it?

A.    by using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
B.    by configuring a Group Policy on Active Directory
C.    by using the command line on each computer
D.    by using the download link in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web application

Answer: B

You have Microsoft Dynamics 365 online and Microsoft SharePoint online configured for document management. Six months after going live, you decide that you need document storage on a new entity. You need to enable document management on the new entity in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Configure document management on the entity.
B.    Configure OneNote integration on the entity.
C.    Enable document management settings for the entity.
D.    Configure Notes (includes attachments) on the entity.

Answer: C

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