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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a corporation decided to move all email to a cloud computing environment.
The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) was told to research the risk involved in this environment.
Which of the following measures should be implemented to minimize the risk of hosting email in the cloud?

A.    Remind users that all emails with sensitive information need be encrypted and physically
inspect the cloud computing.
B.    Ensure logins are over an encrypted channel and obtain an NDA and an SLA from the
cloud provider.
C.    Ensure logins are over an encrypted channel and remind users to encrypt all emails that
contain sensitive information.
D.    Obtain an NDA from the cloud provider and remind users that all emails with sensitive
information need be encrypted.

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After several passes with a malware removal program, the program keeps detecting the same malware infection after a reboot. Which of the following should be done to attempt to remove the offending malware?

A.    Run the malware removal program while disconnected from the Internet
B.    Run the malware removal program in Windows Safe Mode
C.    Reinstall the malware removal program from a trusted source
D.    Set the malware removal program to run each time the computer is rebooted

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A customer has purchased a 1TB internal hard drive. The customer would like to have it installed as a data drive in their existing system. The technician discovers there is no spare power supply connector for the new hard drive. Which of the following would enable the technician to EASILY accomplish the task? (Select TWO).

A.    Replace the existing hard drive.
B.    Replace the power supply.
C.    Remove the floppy disk.
D.    Remove the CD-ROM.
E.    Split an existing power connection.

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Which of the following characteristics differentiate a rainbow table attack from a brute force attack? (Select TWO).

A.    Rainbow table attacks greatly reduce compute cycles at attack time.
B.    Rainbow tables must include precompiled hashes.
C.    Rainbow table attacks do not require access to hashed passwords.
D.    Rainbow table attacks must be performed on the network.
E.    Rainbow table attacks bypass maximum failed login restrictions.

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The security administrator needs to manage traffic on a layer 3 device to support FTP from a new remote site. Which of the following would need to be implemented?

A.    Implicit deny
B.    VLAN management
C.    Port security
D.    Access control lists

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Which of the following is a definition of an RFP?

A.    A document sent to potential vendors to solicit a bid for a project
B.    A document sent to potential vendors to request information for skills and experience for a project
C.    A document sent to potential vendors to request a commitment for a project
D.    A document sent to potential vendors to solicit information that excludes pricing information for a project

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A technician wants to separate networks on a switch. Which of the following should be configured to allow this?

A.    VLAN
B.    Trunking
C.    Spanning tree
D.    Traffic filtering

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