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Which of the following Windows 7 utilities was used to create the output shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)
Not the real exhibit (exhibit):


German Output (exhibit):


A.    MemManager.exe
B.    SysPrep.exe
C.    Cipher.exe
D.    Performance Monitor

Answer: C

To establish a DirectAccess connection to the network, what is the first requirement?

A.    A certificate
B.    A VPN connection
C.    A static IPv4 address
D.    A static IPv6 address

Answer: D

You have a dual-boot PC running both Vista and Windows 7 on partitions on the computer.
Which file would you edit to force the PC to boot Vista by default?

A.    Boot.ini
B.    Ntfsboot.cfg
C.    Bcdedit.exe
D.    System.cfg

Answer: C

Which of the following steps will keep a Microsoft Word shortcut icon on the Taskbar after the next reboot?

A.    Copy and paste a Microsoft Word icon to the Taskbar.
B.    Right-click on the Microsoft Word icon and choose, “Staple to Superbar”.
C.    Right-click on the Microsoft Word icon and choose, “Pin this programm to taskbar”.
D.    Open Microsoft Word. While the Icon is on the Taskbar, right click the icon and choose, “Pin this program to taskbar”.

Answer: D

You have two computers named Computer1 and Computer2 that run Windows 7. Computer1 is used to remotely manage Computer2. From Computer1, you need to verify that the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service started on Computer2.
What should you do?

A.    At the command prompt, run Winrs -r:computer2 query.
B.    At the command prompt, run Winrm id -remote:computer2.
C.    From Windows Powershell, run Get -PSSession Computer2.
D.    From Windows Powershell, run Get -PSSessionConfiguration Computer2.

Answer: B

You are installing a 64-bit edition of Windows 7. During the installation, you receive an error message when you attempt to add mass storage driver.
You need to complete the installation of Windows 7.
You start the computer from the Windows 7 installation media.
What should you do next?

A.    From the Install Windows dialog box, click Rescan.
B.    From the Install Windows dialog box, click DriveOptions (Advanced).
C.    From the Advanced Boot options menu, select Safe Mode.
D.    From the Advanced Boot options menu, select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.

Answer: B

You have a computer that runs Windows 7.
You need to configure the monitor on the computer to turn off after 30 minutes of inactive.
What should you do?

A.    From personalization, change the theme.
B.    From display, change display settings.
C.    From action center, change the Action Center settings.
D.    From power options, change the current power plan settings.

Answer: D

You have a computer that runs Windows 7.
The windows experience index displays the subscores in the following:
– Component Subscore
– Processor 6.9
– Memory (RAM) 5.3
– Graphics 3.2
– Gaming graphics 4.1
– Primary hard disk 4.5
You need to increase the Windows Experience Index base score.
What should you do?

A.    Add more RAM.
B.    Add a second hard disk.
C.    Upgrade the video adapter.
D.    Upgrade to a faster processor.

Answer: C

You have a virtual hard disk (VHD) file.
You need to view the files in the VHD.
The solution must prevent users that log on to your computer from modifying files in the VHD. What should you do?

A.    From Disk Management, attach the VHD as read-only.
B.    From Disk Management, convert the VHD to a GPT disk.
C.    From Windows Explorer, modify the permissions of the VHD file.
D.    From Windows Explorer, modify the read-only attribute of the VHD file.

Answer: A

Your computer running Windows 7 Enterprise has two internal hard disks.
System protection is configured by default on the C: drive, which holds the operating system and installed applications.
The D: drive is a 500-GB hard disk formatted with the NTFS filing system, and you use it to store your personal files.
You want to store previous versions going back several months and therefore intend to reserve 200 GB of this disk for system protection.
You are not using either of your internal disks for backup; instead, you store your backups on a 1-TB external USB hard disk.
How do you configure system protection on your D: drive? (Choose all that apply; each answer forms a part of the complete solution.)

A.    Select Restore System Settings And Previous Versions Of Files.
B.    Select Only Restore Previous Versions Of Files.
C.    Set the Max Usage slider control to 40 percent.
D.    Set the Max Usage slider control to 4 percent.

Answer: BC

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