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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Exam: EC1-349 Exam
EC1-349 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: EC1-349
Exam Name: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Exam
Q & A: 185 Q&As

Which of the following statements does not support the case assessment?
A. Review the case investigator’s request for service
B. Identify the legal authority for the forensic examination request
C. Do not document the chain of custody
D. Discuss whether other forensic processes need to be performed on the evidence
Answer: C

Wireless access control attacks aim to penetrate a network by evading WLAN access control
measures, such as AP MAC filters and Wi-Fi port access controls. Which of the following wireless
access control attacks allows the attacker to set up a rogue access point outside the corporate
perimeter, and then lure the employees of the organization to connect to it?
A. War driving
B. Rogue access points
C. MAC spoofing
D. Client mis-association
Answer: D

File deletion is a way of removing a file from a computer’s file system. What happens when a file is
deleted in windows7?
A. The last letter of a file name is replaced by a hex byte code E5h
B. The operating system marks the file’s name in the MFT with a special character that indicates that the
file has been deleted
C. Corresponding clusters in FAT are marked as used
D. The computer looks at the clusters occupied by that file and does not avails space to store a new file
Answer: B

What is cold boot (hard boot)?
A. It is the process of starting a computer from a powered-down or off state
B. It is the process of restarting a computer that is already turned on through the operating system
C. It is the process of shutting down a computer from a powered-on or on state
D. It is the process of restarting a computer that is already in sleep mode
Answer: A

When a file or folder is deleted, the complete path, including the original file name, is stored in a
special hidden file called “INF02” in the Recycled folder. If the INF02 file is deleted, it is re-created
when you___________.
A. Restart Windows
B. Kill the running processes in Windows task manager
C. Run the antivirus tool on the system
D. Run the anti-spyware tool on the system
Answer: A

WPA2 provides enterprise and Wi-Fi users with stronger data protection and network access
control which of the following encryption algorithm is used DVWPA2?
Answer: C

What is a bit-stream copy?
A. Bit-Stream Copy is a bit-by-bit copy of the original storage medium and exact copy of the original disk
B. A bit-stream image is the file that contains the NTFS files and folders of all the data on a disk or partition
C. A bit-stream image is the file that contains the FAT32 files and folders of all the data on a disk or partition
D. Creating a bit-stream image transfers only non-deleted files from the original disk to the image disk
Answer: A

Which of the following Steganography techniques allows you to encode information that ensures
creation of cover for secret communication?
A. Substitution techniques
B. Transform domain techniques
C. Cover generation techniques
D. Spread spectrum techniques
Answer: C

Ron. a computer forensics expert, Is Investigating a case involving corporate espionage. He has
recovered several mobile computing devices from the crime scene. One of the evidence that Ron
possesses is a mobile phone from Nokia that was left in on condition. Ron needs to recover the
IMEI number of the device to establish the identity of the device owner. Which of the following key
combinations he can use to recover the IMEI number?
A. #*06*#
B. *#06#
C. #06r
D. *1MEI#
Answer: B

Who is responsible for the following tasks?
Secure the scene and ensure that it is maintained In a secure state until the Forensic Team
advises Make notes about the scene that will eventually be handed over to the Forensic Team
A. Non-Laboratory Staff
B. System administrators
C. Local managers or other non-forensic staff
D. Lawyers
Answer: A

A system with a simple logging mechanism has not been given much attention during
development, this system is now being targeted by attackers, if the attacker wants to perform a
new line injection attack, what will he/she inject into the log file?
A. Plaintext
B. Single pipe character
C. Multiple pipe characters
D. HTML tags
Answer: A

Which of the following password cracking techniques works like a dictionary attack, but adds some
numbers and symbols to the words from the dictionary and tries to crack the password?
A. Brute forcing attack
B. Hybrid attack
C. Syllable attack
D. Rule-based attack
Answer: B

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