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You are managing a 24*7 database.
The backup strategy for the database is to perform user- managedbackups.

Identify two prerequisites to perform the backups. (Choose two.)

A.    The database must be opened in restricted mode.
B.    The database must be configured to run in ARCHIVELOG mode.
C.    The tablespaces are required to be in backup mode before taking the backup.
D.    The tablespaces are required to be in read-only mode before taking the backup

Answer: BC

You need to configure fine-grained access control to external network resources from within your database.
You create an access control list (ACL) using the DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package.
Which statement is true regarding the ACL created?

A.    It is a list of remote database links stored in the XML file that are available to the users of the database.
B.    It is a list of users and network privileges stored in the XML file according to which a group of users canconnect to one or more hosts.
C.    It is a list of users and network privileges stored in the data dictionary according to which a group of userscan connect to one or more hosts.
D.    It is the list of the host names or the IP addresses stored in the data dictionary that can connect to yourdatabase through PL/SQL network utility packages such as UTL_TCP.

Answer: B
The DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package provides the interface to administer the network Access ControlList (ACL).
Refer to here for About Fin-Grained Access to External Network ServicesConfiguring fine-grained access control for users and roles that need to access external network services fromthe database. This way, specific groups of users can connect to one or more host computers, based onprivileges that you grant them. Typically, you use this feature to control access to applications that run onspecific host addresses.
To configure fine-grained access control to external network services, you create an access control list (ACL),which is stored in Oracle XML DB. You can create the access control list by using Oracle XML DB itself, orby using the DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN and DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_UTILITY PL/SQL packages. This guideexplains how to use these packages to create and manage the access control list. To create an access controllist by using Oracle XML DB and for general conceptual information about access control lists, see Oracle XMLDB Developer’s Guide.

Which two statements are true regarding an Automatic Storage Management (ASM) instance? (Choose two.)

A.    An ASM instance mounts an ASM control file
B.    An ASM instance uses the ASMB process for rebalancing of disks within a disk group
C.    Automatic Memory Management is enabled in an ASM instance even when the MEMORY_TARGET parameters not set explicitly
D.    An RDBMS instance gets connected to an ASM instance using ASMB as a foreground process when the database instance is started

Answer: CD

You are using the flash recovery area (fast recovery area in 11g Release 2) to store backup related files in your database. After regular monitoring of space usage in the Mash recovery area. You realize that the flash recovery area is (jetting filled up very fast and it is running out of space. Your database flash recovery area is low on specie and you have no more room on disk.
Proactively, which two options could you use to make more space available in the flash recovery [Choose two]

A.    Change the RMAN archived log deletion policy.
B.    Use the RMAN CROSSCHECK command to reclaim the archived log space.
C.    Change the RMAN retention policy to retain backups for a shorter period of time.
D.    Use OS command to move files from the flash recovery area to some other location

Answer: BD

Which two commands never trigger an implicit rebalancing within the disk group?. (Choose two.)

E.    ALTER DISKGROUP dgroupA ADD DISK ‘/devices/A*’;

Answer: AC
Altering Disk Groups
You can use the ALTER DISKGROUP SQL statement to alter a disk group configuration. You can add, resize, or drop disks while the database remains online. Whenever possible, multiple operations in a single ALTERDISKGROUP statement are recommended. Grouping operations in a single ALTER DISKGROUP statement can reduce rebalancing operations. Oracle ASM automatically rebalances when the configuration of a disk group changes. By default, the ALTER DISKGROUP statement does not wait until the operation is complete before returning. Query theV$ASM_OPERATION view to monitor the status of this operation.
Use this clause to add one or more disks to the disk group and specify attributes for the newly added disk. Oracle ASM automatically rebalances the disk group as part of this operation.
Use this clause to drop one or more disks from the disk group.
The DROP DISK clause lets you drop one or more disks from the disk group and automatically rebalance the disk group. When you drop a disk, Oracle ASM relocates all the data from the disk and clears the disk header so that it no longer is part of the disk group. The disk header is not cleared if you specify the FORCE keyword.

Before a Flashback Table operation, you execute the following command:


Why would you need this to be executed?

A.    Because row IDs may change during the flashback operation
B.    Because the object number changes after the flashback operation
C.    Because the rows are retrieved from the recycle bin during the flashback operation
D.    Because the table is moved forward and back to a temporary during the flashback opertion

Answer: A

Examine the following set of RMAN commands:


Which statement is true when the RMAN run block is executed?

A.    The execution of the script fails because multiple channels cannot coexist.
B.    The script is executed and both the channels are used for the script execution.
C.    The new channel, CH1, is ignored because a channel has been configured already.
D.    The persistent configuration parameter DC1 is overridden because a new channel is allocated in the RMAN run block.

Answer: D

Your database is using a default temporary tablespace that contains the temp01.tmp temporary file. All the users on the database use the default temporary tablespace.
A user issues a query on the orders table and receives the following error:

ERROR at line I:
ORA-0I565: error in identifying file ‘/u01/app/oracle/oradata/TEST/temp01.tmp’
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status

What would be the most efficient way to rectify this error?

A.    Add a new tempfile to the user’s temporary tablespace and drop the tempfile that produced the error.
B.    Shut down the database instance, restore the temp01.tmp file from the backup, and then restart the database.
C.    Allow the database to continue running, drop the temp01.tmp temporary file, and then re-create it with new tempfiles.
D.    Take the temporary tablespace offline, recover the missing tempfile by applying redo logs, and then bring the temporary tablespace online.

Answer: A

The instance abnormally terminates because of a power outage.
Which statement is true about redo log files during instance recovery?

A.    Inactive and current redo log files are required to accomplish recovery
B.    Online and archived redo files are required to accomplish instance recovery
C.    All redo log entries after the last checkpoint are applied from redo log files to data files
D.    All redo log entries recorded in the current log file until the checkpoint position are applied to data files

Answer: C

What is the effect of increasing the value of the ASM_POWER_LIMIT parameter?

A.    The number of DBWR processes increases
B.    The number of ASMB processes increases
C.    The number of DBWR_TO_SLAVES increases
D.    The rebalancing operation in an ASM instance completes more quickly, but can result in higher I/Ooverhead

Answer: D

Your database initialization parameter file has the following entry:


Which statement is true regarding this setting?

A.    It drops the connection after the specified number of login attempts fail for any user.
B.    It is enforced only if the password profile is enabled for the user.
C.    It locks the user account after the specified number of attempts.
D.    It drops the connection after the specified number of login attempts fail only for users who have the SYSDBAprivilege.

Answer: A

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