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Which two components are needed before a user can be assigned to a Presence node? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Unified Communications Service
B.    service profile
C.    phone button template
D.    mobility profile
E.    device profile

Answer: AB

Which two items must first be configured before users can be added into Unity Connection via the Bulk Administration Tool? (Choose two.)

A.    partitions
B.    classes of service
C.    search spaces
D.    user templates
E.    schedules

Answer: BD

Which four actions can be selected with the Bulk Administration Tool in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose four.)

A.    Create
B.    Modify
C.    Migrate
D.    Update
E.    Delete
F.    Export
G.    Purge
H.    Manage

Answer: ADEF

An engineer is syncing Cisco Unity Connection with LDAP. Which three things should the engineer consider during this process? (Choose three.)

A.    PINs and passwords are replicated from the LDAP database to Cisco Unity Connection database.
B.    LDAP authentication must be configured and enabled.
C.    There is no limit to the amount of LDAP filters that can be created.
D.    SSL certificates from LDAP must be uploaded to Cisco Unity Connection.
E.    LDAP synchronization must be configured and enabled.
F.    Cisco Unity Connection supports integrations with OpenLDAP.

Answer: CEF

Which three methods can an engineer use to create users in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three.)

A.    Local
B.    Cisco Unified Presence Server
C.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D.    LDAP
E.    TMS
F.    Outlook

Answer: ACD

Which two protocols does Jabber use to achieve Presence status? (Choose two.)

B.    XMPP
C.    SCCP
D.    MGCP
E.    SOAP

Answer: AB

An engineer has deployed IM-user-only mode for the IM and Presence Service. Which two features will be available? (Choose two.)

A.    third-party XMPP clients are not supported
B.    IM and Presence support without Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C.    audio/video calling
D.    Cisco Unity voicemail retrieval via SMTP
E.    XMPP federation capabilities

Answer: BE

Which IM and Presence chat feature allows for an always-available chat room that remains active, even if all of the participants leave the chat?

A.    Personal
B.    Group
C.    Persistent
D.    Ad-hoc

Answer: C

Which two benefits does Cisco Unified IM and Presence Service bring to businesses? (Choose two.)

A.    enhances productivity by using availability awareness and reduce communications delays
B.    provides Enterprise IM capabilities, such as persistent chat, group chat, and IM history
C.    provides and streamlines enterprise audio and video communications
D.    enhances communications by providing multipoint conference capabilities
E.    supports standard-based XMPP clients by supporting native SIP/SIMPLE and H.323 protocols

Answer: AB

In which section of Cisco Unified Communications Manager are Call Detail Records viewed?

A.    Cisco Unified Serviceability
B.    Cisco Unified OS Administration
C.    Cisco Unified Reporting
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration
E.    Cisco Unified Disaster Recovery

Answer: A

CDR/CMR Reporting is being enabled on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. As part of this process, which two service parameters must be activated? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco CAR Web Service
B.    CDR Enabled Flag
C.    Cisco Serviceability Reporter
D.    Call Diagnostics Enabled
E.    Statistics Enabled

Answer: BD

For capacity planning purposes, a network administrator must provide a report to management that displays the number of phones registered per server. Where can the administrator obtain this information?

A.    Navigate to Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > Serviceability Reports Archive.
B.    Navigate to Cisco Unified Operating System Administration > Tools > System Reports.
C.    Navigate to Cisco Unified CM Administration > Tools > System Reports.
D.    Navigate to Cisco Unified Reporting > Tools > System Reports.

Answer: A

Which report in the CAR tool provides information about the call volume for a specified period?

A.    traffic summary report
B.    Top N duration report
C.    precedence call summary report
D.    gateway utilization report

Answer: A

In an effort to proactively manage IP telephony infrastructure, a network engineer wants to review usage reports that provide top five users, top five calls, and traffic summary. Which option describes where this information can be retrieved using Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    Navigate to Cisco Unified CM Administration > CDR Analysis and Reporting >System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports.
B.    Navigate to Cisco Unified Operating System Administration > Tools > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports.
C.    Navigate to Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > CDR Analysis and Reporting > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports.
D.    Navigate to Cisco Unified Reporting > Tools > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports.

Answer: C

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager plug in allows administrators to proactively monitor the overall health of their Cisco cluster?

A.    RTMT
B.    Cisco AXL Toolkit
C.    Cisco CTL Client
D.    Cisco JTAPI
E.    Cisco TAPS

Answer: A

A group of managers for a company has requested IP telephony reports with performance data and graphs. Which steps should the network administrator take to gather these reports using Cisco Unified Communications Manager web interface?

A.    Select Cisco Unified Serviceability > Trace > Serviceability Reports Archives.
B.    Select Cisco Unified Serviceability > Alarm > Serviceability Reports Archives.
C.    Select Cisco Unified Reports > Tools > Serviceability Reports Archives.
D.    Select Cisco Unified Reports > Trace > Serviceability Reports Archives.
E.    Select Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > Serviceability Reports Archives.

Answer: E

An engineer is configuring the Cisco Unified Communications Manager disaster recovery system. Which three statements about the disaster recovery system are true? (Choose three.)

A.    It requires the use of schedules for backups.
B.    Backup files are encrypted using the cluster security password.
C.    If the backup device is listed in a backup schedule, it cannot be manually deleted.
D.    If the backup does not complete within 40 hours, the backup times out.
E.    Archiving backups to tape drives is supported.
F.    SSL is used between the master and local agents.

Answer: BCE

An administrator wants to verify that a new PRI is properly connected to the PSTN status.
Which Layer 2 status should be seen?


Answer: A

After getting reports that users cannot make calls out to the PSTN, a network administrator opens the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration web page and begins to review route patterns. Why would the administrator look here when troubleshooting PSTN connectivity troubles?

A.    A route pattern contains a list of gateways that can reach the PSTN.
B.    A route pattern contains dial plan information for calling the PSTN.
C.    A route pattern contains the necessary privileges for calling the PSTN.
D.    A route pattern contains a list of SIP trunks that can reach the PSTN.

Answer: B

A user reports that several IP phones in a single department are displaying a continuous “registering” message. Which fault domain should be investigated?

A.    network router
B.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber node
C.    network switch
D.    IP phones
E.    SIP gateway

Answer: C

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