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Refer to the exhibit, which displays the output of the debug ccsip messages command on a Cisco router.


What is the negotiated dual tone multifrequency on this call?

A.    h245-alphanumeric
B.    rtp-nte
C.    sip-kpml
D.    sip-notify
E.    cisco-rtp
F.    h245-signal

Answer: B

After you deploy SAF in a mega cluster and you verify that TCP port 5050 is open, you notice that SAF connections are failing.
Which two functions must you check to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)

A.    Cisco AXL Web Service
B.    Cisco UP XCP Router Service
C.    Connection Conversation Messenger
D.    SMTP Server
E.    CCD Advertising Service
F.    CCD Requesting Service

Answer: EF

You discover that a CCD client is failing to learn patters with RTMT.
Which two actions can you take to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)

A.    Verify that SIP trunk between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the Cisco Unified Presence Server is configured correctly.
B.    Verify that the trunk is selected for the CCD advertising service.
C.    Verify that the trunk is selected for the CCD requesting service.
D.    Verify that EIGRP topology information is available to the SAF Forwarders.
E.    Verify the SAF configuration.

Answer: CE

Refer to exhibit. A customer reports that calls that are made through the PSTN gateway drop after few seconds of being placed on mute.
Which mgcp configuration command can you issue in the gateway to resolve this problem?


A.    Mgcp explicit hookstate
B.    Mgcp max-waiting-delay
C.    No mgcp rtp unreachable timeout
D.    No mgcp timer receive-rtcp

Answer: C

Where do you configure the phone book provisioning synchronization for an endpoint that is registered to Cisco VCS?

A.    In Cisco Unified Communications Manager, under the SIP trunk to Cisco VCS
B.    On the Cisco Express C
C.    In the Cisco Telepresence Management Suite in the Cisco VCS Configuration
D.    On the Cisco VCS Expressway
E.    On the cisco VCS Control
F.    In the Cisco Telepresence Management Suite Under Administration > Provisioning

Answer: F

Which three statements about SAF forwarding are true? (Choose Three)

A.    It supports DNS and IP addresses.
B.    The SAF Forwarder configuration can be updated without connecting to cisco unified communications manager.
C.    It requires the SAF Forwarders to use the same configuration as the IOS switch.
D.    It is supported on IPV4 only.
E.    It is supported on IPV6 only.
F.    It requires a unique IP address for each SAF Forwarder.

Answer: ADF

Which alarm string purges all learned patterns from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    DuplicateLearnedPattern
B.    SAFForwarderError
C.    CCDIPReachableTimeOut
D.    CCDPSTNFailOverDurationTimeOut
E.     CCDLearnedPatternLimitReached

Answer: D

While you deploy SAF CCD in a remote location, you are unable to enable the SAF CCD Service on a Cisco IOS based device. Which action can you take to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    Verify that Cisco Unity Express is Operational
B.    Verify that IOS Release 15.0(1) M is installed.
C.    Verify that DSP farm resources are configured on the device.
D.    Verify that the device has sufficient RAM to run SAF CCD.
E.    Verify the integrity of the flash installation.

Answer: B

Which two statements about software MTP devices are true?

A.    The RTMT can monitor the number of registered and in use MTPs
B.    A singe MTP can register with multiple Cisco unified Communications Managers.
C.    Each server can support up to four instances of the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application.
D.    The Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application can reduce the performance of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager it is installed on the same server.
E.    When you configure and restart the MTP, the changes are applied immediately to active calls.
F.    When you configure and reset the MTP, the changes are applied immediately to active calls.

Answer: AD

When you are dialing from an internally registered device on Cisco VCS, in which order are the options processed to determine the call routing?

A.    CPL, Transforms, FindMe, Search Rules
B.    CPL, FindMe, Transforms, Search Rules
C.    Transforms, CPL, FIndMe, Search Rules
D.    Search Rules, Transforms, CPL, FIndMe
E.    FindMe, CPL, Transforms, Search Rules

Answer: C

Which command do you use to confirm that a router interface is enabled for SAF?

A.    Show eigrp service-family ipv4 client details
B.    Show ip interface details
C.    Show ip saf-service-family interface
D.    Show run
E.    Show eigrp service-family interface
F.    Show eigrp service-family ipv4 <AS Number> interfaces

Answer: F

You implement multiple registrars for SIP Trunks for the Cisco Unified Border Element to ensure redundant PSTN access, you receive an error that indicates that the registration server is invalid. Which two commands correct the problem? (Choose two)

A.    Registrar 2 ipv4: expires 360
B.    CUSP registrar 9 dns:cisco.com expires 60
C.    No registrar 2 dns:cisco.com expires 60
D.    Registrar 20 dns:cisco.com
E.    Registrar 1 dns:cisco.com expires 180

Answer: AE

In a Cisco Unified communications Manager Call trace, which string indicates an intra-site call?

A.    OutsideDialtone = [1]
B.    cmDeviceType = [Access Device]
C.    OutsideDialtone = [0]
D.    OutsideDialtone = [2]

Answer: B

Two Cisco DX80 collaboration endpoints that support high definition video are registered to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a single site deployment model. However, the video that is displayed is pixelated and appears as Sub-HD. To enable the Cisco DX80s to make high definition video calls, which configuration option do you check?

A.    Check the DSCP for video calls value in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Clusterwide parameters QoS configuration.
B.    Check that video capabilities are enabled under the product specific configuration area for the device in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
C.    Check the maximum session bit rate for video calls in the Cisco Unified communications manager regions configuration.
D.    Check the configuration in the Cisco DX80 settings menu and enable high definition video.

Answer: C

A remote office uses a VPN with the HQ office to register its phones for centralized management. The office has a local SIP gateway with PRI for calling and to support SRST. On the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, a device pool is created for this site with media resources that are local to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. A SIP trunk that requires an MTP connects to the gateway. Users report voice quality issues when making and receiving calls.
How do you resolve this issue?

A.    Restart the phones at remote office
B.    Restart the voice gateway and switch
C.    Enable QoS on the remote office
D.    Assign an MTP that is local to the remote office to the device pool that is used by the phones.

Answer: D

After you deploy a hardware transcoder, users without a common codec are unable to complete calls to one another.
Which two actions must you take to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)

A.    Use RTMT to verify that transcoder resources are available.
B.    Verify that all SIP trunks are registered within Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C.    Verify that media resources are assigned to the transcoder
D.    Verify that transcoder is registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
E.    Verify that the transcoder is running the latest firmware and flash NVRAM.

Answer: AD

Users on your network report fast busy signals when they attempt to place calls.
While troubleshooting, you verify that codecs are configured correctly and determine that the network carries up to 200 concurrent calls different times of the day.
Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose Two)

A.    Add more Cisco Unified Communications Manager to cluster
B.    Add more DSPs to the NM-HD
C.    Increase the number of sessions to the maximum allowed by system resources
D.    Implement an SRST-CME gateway to improve resource allocation
E.    Add a cisco catalyst switch to the environment to increase port density.
F.    Bind the network PRIs to add additional bandwidth.

Answer: BD

Which two items are displayed on the endpoint registration verification page in Cisco VCS? (Choose Two)

A.    Endpoint MAC Address
B.    Device Pool
C.    Endpoint Registration Status
D.    Device Description
E.    Device Type
F.    Endpoint name

Answer: EF

After you deploy Cisco Unified Communications manager device mobility in your environment, you note that phones in a remote site are failing to register.
Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose Two)

A.    Verify that remote site is assigned to the device mobility group that matches its dialing pattern
B.    Verify that phones are attempting to register with correct mega cluster in the device pool of the central office
C.    Verify that Extension mobility is configured correctly for the remote site
D.    Verify that the LDAP server is configured to support Device Mobility at the Remote Site
E.    Verify that the subnet of the remote site is configured in Device Mobility info.

Answer: AE

A user is trying to call a mobile phone using the number 547895341, where 5 is the pre-fix to call off-net numbers. Calls to mobile phones have worked in Past, but now the call does not work. Which three areas should you check to resolve the issue? (Choose Three)

A.    Verify that Cisco Unified Border Element is running.
B.    Verify the search pattern.
C.    Verify the route pattern, route list and route group.
D.    Check that Cisco VCS control and Cisco VCS Express are getting through firewall.
E.    Verify that the PSTN line is connected to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
F.    Verify that connection to and from the Cisco Unified Border Element is good.

Answer: ACF

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