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As part of a wireless site survey in a hospital, an engineer needs to identify potential Layer 1 interferers. In which three areas is the engineer most likely expect to find sources of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RF noise? (Choose three.)

A.    emergency room
B.    magnetic resonance imaging
C.    laboratory
D.    X-ray radiography
E.    Gamma Knife radiation treatment
F.    kitchen

Answer: ACF

A customer has dual-band devices that they want to use 40 MHz channels. If the customer is using Cisco 3600 Series access points with a 5508 controller. Which setting assists with this change?

A.    Enable band select globally.
B.    Enable aggressive load balancing.
C.    Disable lower data rates on 802 .11G GHz radios.
D.    Disable overlapping 802.11G channels.

Answer: A

An engineer is installing a wireless network in an industrial area with extreme temperatures and a significant amount of dust. Which enclosure should be used to protect the APs?

A.    ACU
B.    ADU
C.    NEMA
D.    WLSE

Answer: C
Sometimes access points (APs) are located in areas where they are subject to extreme moisture, temperatures, dust and particles. These APs might need to be mounted inside a sealed enclosure. The NEMA has a rating system for these enclosures, which are generally called NEMA enclosures.

Which list of characteristics must all controllers in a mobility group have in common based on best practices?

A.    mobility group name, version of controller code, Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points mode,ACLs, and WLANs (SSIDs)
B.    mobility domain name, version of controller code, and Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Pointsmode
C.    mobility domain name, version of controller code, Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Pointsmode, ACLs, and WLANs (SSIDs)
D.    mobility group name, version of controller code, and Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Pointsmode

Answer: A

When conducting a wireless survey at a customer facility, signal attenuation in an area that is surrounded by thick glass walls is noted as 2dB. When configuring Cisco Prime Infrastructure, which obstacle should be placed in a map editor to represent the impact the glass wall will have on the RF signal in the facility?

A.    heavy door
B.    thick wall
C.    glass
D.    light wall

Answer: D
http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/prime_infrastructure/1-2/configuration/guide/pi_12_cg/maps.html Table 6-4

An engineer is assigned to replace an older data-grade autonomous wireless network with a Cisco controllerbased wireless network to meet Voice over WLAN needs. The customer also wants all existing cable infrastructure to be reused and no new cable be specified.
How should the engineer respond to the customer’s requirements?

A.    Implement the wireless network with the restraints and decrease the TPC neighbor threshold to increase Txpower to provide overlapping cell coverage at sufficient SNR to provide for Voice over WLAN service.
B.    Implement the wireless network with the restraints and utilize high-gain antenna to provide overlapping cellcoverage at sufficient SNR to provide for Voice over WLAN service.
C.    Inform the customer that the network will not likely function as desired and a post install survey with thepossibility of some new cable would be recommended.
D.    Inform the customer that it is not possible to provide coverage and quality for Voice over WLAN usingexisting AP locations and an entire overbuild will be necessary.

Answer: C

An engineer is deploying centralized wireless solution with a 5508 controller. What is the most AP licenses that can be supported?

A.    100
B.    250
C.    1000
D.    500

Answer: D
You can order Cisco 5500 Series Controllers with support for 12, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 APs as the controller’s base capacity. You can add additional AP capacity through capacity adder licenses available at 25, 50, 100 and 250 AP capacities. You can add the capacity adder licenses to any base license in any combination to arrive at the maximum capacity of 500 APs.

Refer to the exhibit. While testing the post-deployment WLAN network, you discover that an AP has been placed in a difficult area.

The AP cannot be moved easily because of various requirements. The client performance of various Apple and Microsoft operating system-based products does not meet expectations. Which two options can help mitigate the performance issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Add additional APs.
B.    Increase the AP power level to maximum.
C.    Rotate the AP 90 degrees to change antenna polarity.
D.    Replace the AP with an AP and external antenna.
E.    Change the AP location to one that is less RF hostile.

Answer: AD

A customer is deploying a mesh outdoor wireless network based on FCC standards where spectrum analysis shows significant radar energy propagating throughout the coverage area from a local weather station. Which channel must be excluded from the access points RRM calculation to avoid network disruption due to weather radar activity?

A.    132
B.    44
C.    11
D.    36

Answer: A
Weather radars operate within the 5600- to 5650-MHz band, which means that channels 124 and 128 might be affected, but also channels 120 and 132 might suffer from weather radar activity.
http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/technology/mesh/7-3/design/guide/Mesh/ Mesh_chapter_0111.html

An engineer must perform a survey where the target client devices range from standard Wi-Fi-equipped laptops, consumer handhelds and tablets, and low power tracking tags limited to 12 mW Tx power. With which setting should the survey AP be configured?

A.    local power 11
B.    local power 5
C.    local power 14
D.    local power 8

Answer: B

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