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Which MME feature can be configured in the call control policy on the Cisco ASR 5000 system?

A.    super-charger feature configuration
B.    sgtp-service association
C.    direct-tunnel feature configuration
D.    RAT frequency selection priority override

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which interface is associated to reference point between the MME and the SGW?

A.    EPC
B.    Ingress-SGW
C.    Egress-SGW
E.    S11-SVC

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which three Diameter AVPs are sent within the CCR-I message to the OCS? (Choose three.)

A.    Request-Service-Unit
B.    Used-Service-Unit
C.    User-Equipment-Info
D.    Quota-Holding-Time
E.    3GPP-Reporting-Reason
F.    User-Name

Answer: ACF

Which two statements about the Diameter message direction on the Rf interface are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Diameter Accounting-Request is initiated by S-GW/P-GW to CDF.
B.    Diameter Accounting-Answer is initiated by CDF to S-GW/P-GW.
C.    Diameter Accounting-Request is initiated by S-GW/P-GW to CGF.
D.    Diameter Accounting-Answer is initiated by CGF to S-GW/P-GW.
E.    Diameter Accounting-Request is initiated by S-GW/P-GW to the billing server.
F.    Diameter Accounting-Answer is initiated by the billing server to S-GW/P-GW.

Answer: AB

Which protocol runs on the 3GPP Rx interface?

A.    GTPv2
B.    SS7
D.    Diameter
E.    SIP

Answer: D

Which option describes SNMP inform requests?

A.    notifications sent to and acknowledged by an SNMP agent
B.    notifications sent to and acknowledged by an SNMP management station
C.    notifications sent to but not acknowledged by an SNMP agent
D.    notifications sent to but not acknowledged by an SNMP management station

Answer: B

Which option is a network entity that can mix multiple Voice over LTE call bearers into a conference call?

A.    Media Resource Function
B.    Media Gateway
C.    Mobile Switching Center
D.    Packet Data Network Gateway

Answer: A

Which three configuration options do local-user accounts allow for on the Cisco ASR 5000? (Choose three.)

A.    max failed logins
B.    password complexity
C.    lockout times
D.    administrator level
E.    username complexity
F.    context access

Answer: ABC

Which Diameter command is used when P-CSCF sends the desired uplink and downlink bandwidth information to the PCRF?

A.    RAR
B.    AAR
C.    CCR
D.    MAR

Answer: B

Which two radio technologies are used in LTE? (Choose two.)

B.    MIMO
C.    TDMA
D.    EV-DO
E.    VOR
F.    DME

Answer: AB

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