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How many presentations can be shared in a direct IX5000-to-IX5000 call?

A.    two
B.    three
C.    four
D.    one

Answer: A
On an IX-to-IX point-to-point conference, you can share up to two presentation streams – for example, one presentation content source and one whiteboard source. If hosting a meeting locally with no videoconferencing, you can share up to three presentation streams.

If a single microphone fails, you should first test cabling between which two points?

A.    the TDM and the codec
B.    the microphone bar and the Touch 10
C.    the microphone bar and the codec
D.    the microphone bar and the TDM

Answer: D
If the problem affects all mic bars, check the cabling between the TDM and the codec (the TDM is located in the first and, if applicable, second row cable management panels). If the problem is with a single mic bar, check the cabling between the mic bar and the TDM.

What can cause the tables to appear warped?

A.    Cables to the displays are installed incorrectly.
B.    Parts or screws in the table assembly are installed incorrectly.
C.    The room contains too manycontrasting colors.
D.    The table is placed too close to the screens.

Answer: D

Where can you find packet-transmission statistics?

A.    Monitoring > Maintenance
B.    Monitoring > Network Data
C.    Monitoring > Statistics
D.    Monitoring > Call Info

Answer: B
Use the Network Data section to view packet transmission statistics collected from the network. Data is listed in columns labeled as if you were looking at the back of the system. For example, on an IX5000, the labels would indicate statistics from the left, center, and right codecs.
To monitor network statistics:
In the Monitoring page, scroll down to Network Data. Your network data appears

What is the minimum required number of people to install an IX5000 in one day?

A.    three
B.    four
C.    two
D.    one

Answer: C

What should you do first when the local Touch 10 falsely indicates that content is being shared?

A.    Power-cycle the system.
B.    Close and re-open the share tray.
C.    Use the Setup wizard to repeat system setup.
D.    Close and re-open Self View.

Answer: B
CSCur32160 Symptom The share tray on the local Touch 10 still shows that the local side is sharing content, even when content is no longer being shared.
Conditions This condition is seen when a presentation is shared on the local side, then is overwritten by a presentation on the remote side. The share tray on the local side is not updated with this information.
Workaround Close and then re-open the share tray (one method is to press the Home button, then press the Share button).

What should you do first when a display shows a black screen instead of presentation content after hot-swapping cables?

A.    Power-cycle the system.
B.    Close and re-open the share tray.
C.    Use the Setup wizard to repeat system setup.
D.    Close and re-open Self View.

Answer: A
CSCuq50609 Symptom While sharing presentation content either during a call, or outside of a call (local presentation), main or auxiliary displays show a black screen, rather than the presentation content. Conditions Display cables were plugged and unplugged while they system was running (known as “hot swapping” the display cables).
Workaround Reboot or power cycle the system. Hot swapping of display cables is not supported.

Where is the option to choose OBTP?

A.    Booking > Basic Settings> New Conference
B.    New Conference > Booking > Basic Settings > Type
C.    Booking > New Conference > Basic Settings > Type
D.    Basic Settings > New Conference > Booking

Answer: C
Cisco TMS has incorporated Cisco’s One Button to Push – OBTP. As a conference participant you do not need to know any details like phone numbers or which endpoints to dial. This differs from the conference type Automatic Connect. All you need to do with OBTP’s scheduled conference is to press the entry on the CTSs or TC5 conference list that is displayed on screen.
An example on how to book an OBTP conference:
1. Go to the Booking > New Conference > Basic Settings pane.
2. For Type, select One Button to Push.
3. Select the participants and proceed as usual with other details for your conference.

Which two frame rates can be used by Cisco TelePresence for auxiliary video encoding? (Choose two.)

A.    5
B.    24
C.    29.95
D.    30
E.    33
F.    60

Answer: AD

Which two LDAP configurations are supported in Cisco TelePresence Manager integration? (Choose two.)

A.    Multiple Exchange Servers exists within a single forest and a single domain.
B.    Multiple Exchange Servers exists within a multiple forest and a single domain.
C.    Multiple Exchange Servers exists within a single forest and multiple domains.
D.    Multiple Exchange Servers exists within a multiple forest and multiple domains.

Answer: AC

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