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Which one of the following cannot be performed on the M-Series, when using it to support a C- Series?

A.    Centralized message tracking
B.    Centralized spam quarantining
C.    Centralized Configuration Management
D.    Centralized Reporting

Answer: C

You have established connectivity to a factory default C-160 through the CLI, What command will allow you to change an interfaces speed and duplex?

A.    ifconfig
B.    interfaceconfig
C.    etherconfig
D.    mediaccnfig

Answer: C

In a “one armed installation” using a single listener, how would the system differentiate between incoming and outgoing email?

A.    Mail flow direction is determined by the “Recipient to” field in the SMTP envelope.
B.    Mail flow direction is determined by the type of listener, public verses private.
C.    Mail flow direction is determined by using the source IP address.
D.    Mail flow direction is determined by the “Mail From” field in the SMTP envelope.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. You have finished an installation, but the customer cannot receive mail from a business partner. Based on the mail log, how should you explain this to the customer?
How can you allow this mail to be accepted into the customer’s domain?


A.    Allow mail delivered from this site by changing the RAT settings from moderate to conservative.
B.    Have their business partner contact IronPort support to adjust their reputation score.
C.    The business partner’s MTA has been blocked based on their reputation.
Adjust the settings on the blacklist from -10 to – 3.0 to -10 to-7.7.
The suspectlist will scan this domain for spam
D.    The business partner’s MTA has been blocked based on their reputation.
Suggest whitelisting their partner’s domain, but caution them about anti-spam being disabled.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the content filter condition menu, which of the following statements is correct?


A.    If the word “secret” is present in the message an action will take place.
B.    If the word “secret” is present in either the message body or attachment, an action will take place.
C.    If the word “secret” occurs a total of three times in either the message body or attachments, an action
will take place
D.    If the ABA routing number is present in either the message body or attachment, an action will take place.

Answer: C

Which approach for SenderBase Reputation Score filtering would ensure a very small false positive rate and achieve better system performance?

A.    Generic
B.    Aggressive
C.    Moderate
D.    Basic
E.    Conservative

Answer: C

Which option describes the function of the RSA Enterprise Manager?

A.    Centralized reporting
B.    Management of the email encryption profile
C.    Management of mail policies
D.    Management of quarantined messages
E.    Centralized management of DLP polices, remediation, and reporting

Answer: E

Which option describes when LDAP domain assignments are used?

A.    When not all users are in the directory
B.    When just some users are in the directory
C.    When users are in separate domains, each of which has their own directory
D.    When users in the same domain are split over different directories

Answer: C

Which of the following parameters are used by the Anti-Spam engine? (Choose three.)

A.    The number of recipients in the RCPTTO list.
B.    The characteristics of the message (random dots, multiple colors)
C.    The sending mail domains reputation
D.    The reputation of URLs in the message
E.    Analysis of image content using optical character recognition

Answer: BCD

Which three options are Cisco ESA facilities that can use LDAP group queries? (Choose three.)

A.    Anti-spam settings
B.    Sender groups
C.    Message filters
D.    RAT
E.    Incoming mail policies
F.    Content filters
G.    Destination controls
H.    SenderBase reputation filtering

Answer: CEF

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