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Which protocol is used by the ACI fabric to learn the location of ESX hosts?

A.    Council of Oracles Protocol
B.    Link Aggregation Control Protocol
C.    Link Layer Discovery Protocol
D.    Cisco Discovery Protocol

Answer: C

Which option describeswhat is included in theACIVXLAN header with which all tenant traffic within the fabric is tagged?

A.    Policy group (source group), forwarding group (tenant,VRF, bridge domain), destination IP address group, and source IPaddress group.
B.    Policy group (source group) forwarding group (tenant, VRF, bridge domain), load-balancing policy, and telemetry policy.
C.    Flow mapping of endpoint groups to applications, Layers3 external identifiers and leaf association of application profiles.
D.    Destination IP address group source IP address group, forwarding group, load-balancing policy and telemetry policy.

Answer: B

Which option describes the initial configuration steps that the tenanta dministrator must perform in the ACI fabric?

A.    Create bridge domain, associate bridge domain with logical ports, create endpoint groups, and associate EPGs to logical domain and to private network (routing instance).
B.    Create bridge domain, associate with physical domain, create endpoint groups, and associate EPGs to bridge domain and to private network (routing instance).
C.    Create logical domain, associate logical
domain with physical ports,create endpoints groups, and associate EPGs to logical domain and to private network (routing instance).
D.    Fabric discoveryand initialization, createVLAN pool (static), create physical domain, and map physical do main to ports.

Answer: B

Where in the APIC GUI are local users created?

A.    Admin > AAA
B.    Tenant >Tenant Name
C.    System > Users
D.    Fabric > Access Policies

Answer: A
On the menu bar, choose ADMIN > AAA.  http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/aci/apic/sw/1-x/getting-

In an application-centricinfrastructurewhich four aspectsofthesolution must beconfiguredtosupportan application?(Choose four)

A.    Therelationshipbetween endpointsandtheirpolicies.
B.    Data center-specificconfigurationof the infrastructure.
C.    The endpointsof the application.
D.    The layer 2 throughlayer 7 network policiesof the application.
E.    A virtual machine or server
F.    Establishesforwardingpathsin theACIfabric.

Answer: ABCE

Which application-centric infrastructurecontainer isused for IP subnetsand can be used to define a Layer 2 boundary?

A.    bridgedomain
B.    tenant
C.    endpointgroup
D.    VLAN
E.    Privatenetwork(layer 3)

Answer: A
A bridge domain is a construct used to define a Layer 2 boundary within the fabric. A bridge domain can be viewed as somewhat similar to regular VLANs in a traditional switching environment.
Specify a bridge domain in the private network. Specify the bridge domain name in the Name field (BD1). Click the + sign next to Subnets to add a public subnet ( to associate with BD1. This public subnet will advertise to ISP1

Which table is stored on the spine switchesof an ACI fabric?

A.    Global station table.
B.    Tenant station table.
C.    Proxy station table.
D.    Local station table.

Answer: D
Although the size of the local station table is limited, the total amount of endpoints supported by the whole ACI fabric can be much larger than the size of the local station table. All the endpoints learned on the non-fabric uplinks are stored in the local station table. All the endpoints learned on the fabric uplink ports are kept in the global station table.

To which layer of the OSI model would the ACI concepts of BD (SVI) and private network (VRF lite) map?

A.    Physic
B.    data link
C.    network
D.    transport
E.    session
F.    presentation
G.    application

Answer: C

To which layer of the OSI modelwould the ACI conceptsof EGP, BD, policy groups (VPC, PC, interfaces), and encapsulation(VLAN, VXLAN, NVGRE)map?

A.    Session
B.    Application
C.    Presentation
D.    Transport
E.    Network
F.    Data link
G.    physical

Answer: E

Where in the APICGUI is VMM domain created?

A.    VM networking > inventory
B.    Fabric > Access policies
C.    Tenants> Common
D.    VM networking > policies

Answer: D
In the APIC GUI click on VM Networking and select the Policies sub-tab http://www.virtualizationadmin.com/articles-tutorials/vmware-esx-and-vsphere-articles/general/cisco-aci-configuring-vmware-integration-apic.html

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