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Flexconnect APs have already deployed in a branch office for local switching.Currently the WLAN in the large auditorium is proposed to change to high-density design and thus some low data rates are proposed to be disabled while keeping the data rates in other areas under the same Cisco WLC.Which configuration settings must be modified in the Cisco WLC to achieve this configuration ?(choose two)

A.    RF Profiles
B.    Mobility Groups
C.    FlexConnect Groups
D.    AP Groups
E.    Fape profile.

Answer: AD

Which two AP join process are supported by the cisco 5760 WLC ?(choose Two)

A.    Layer 2 CAPWAP discovery
B.    Remotely stored controller IP address discovery
C.    DNS discovery
D.    Layer 3 CAPWAP discovery

Answer: CD

Prime infrastructure will trigger alarms indicating that the prime infrastructure physicalor virtual server is low on disk space as the administrator which three actions can you take to increase disk space immediately upon receiving a major alert (60 percent disk usage)? (choose three)

A.    Change the disk controller RAID
B.    Enable corn job on ade for disk clean up using $ du-sh
C.    Compacting the PI database using the NCS CLEANUP command
D.    Reduce the storage load on the local disk by setting up and using remote buckupreposttories
E.    Reduce the length of time you store client association data and related events.
F.    Compacting the PI database using the NCS DATABASE PURGE command

Answer: CDE

You are deploying cisco 792x wireless phones on your on your Cisco unified wireless network . Which two configuration setting are recomended?

A.    Enable PSPF
B.    Enable DTPC
C.    Enable WMM
D.    Enable PMF

Answer: BC

Which two cisco ISE option simplify the use of EAP-TLS authentication in a BYOD environment using PKI?(choose two)

A.    Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol
B.    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
C.    Online Certificate Stats Protocol
D.    Native Supplicant Provisioning
E.    Certificate Signing Request.

Answer: AE

Your customer has a Cisco Unified Wireless Network running AireOS 8.0 and wants to learn about the FlexConnect mode that is available on his APs.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    A newly connected AP can be booted in FlexConnect mode.
B.    When an AP is changed from Local mode to FlexConnect mode, a reboot is required.
C.    Enhanced FlexConnect mode allows to enable wIPS on FlexConnect APs.
D.    When an AP is changed from Local mode to FlexConnect mode, reboot is not required.
E.    Using CCKM with FlexConnect APs requires the use of FlexConnect Groups.
F.    FlexConnect was previously know as “H-TEEP”

Answer: DE

what are two differences between wireless QoS and wired QoS on an autonomous AP?(choose two)

A.    WirelessQoS dose FIFO and RED on Ethernet egress ports
B.    WirelessQoS can prioritize packet based on DSCP,TOS, COS or EXP values.
C.    WirelessQoS MQC policy-maps support only set cos act1on
D.    WirelessQoS carries out WMM type of queuing on the radio egress port
E.    WirelessQoS support ISL 802.10 and 802.1p tagged packets.

Answer: BC

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the mobility architecture components on the left to their primary function on the right.




which topology is a valid and functional convergence access topology?




A.    A
B.    B
C.    C
D.    D

Answer: A

given the IPV6 address and subnet 2001:adcb:3257:9048::/64,which option list the start and ending IP address of this subnet?

A.    2001:adcb:3257:9048: ,2001:adcb:3257:9048:0000:0000:0000:ffff
B.    2001:adcb:3257:9048:0:0:0:0 .2001:adcb:3257:9048:0000:ffff:ffff:ffff
C.    2001:adcb:3257:9048:0:0:0:0 ,2001:adcb:3257:9048: ffff’ffff:ffff:ffff
D.    2001:adcb:3257 9048 0 0 0 0 ,2001adbc: 3257 9048 0000:0000:0000:ffff
E.    2001:adcb:3257:9048 :0:0:0:0, 2001:adcb:3257: 9048: 0000:0000:ffff: ffff
F.    2001:adcb:3257:9048:0::, 2001:adcb:3257:9048:0000:0000:0000:ffff

Answer: C

You have added your active directory server to the cisco ISE and see the status as operational.However when you try to add active directory groups to your authorization policy conditions in the Cisco ISE ,no active Directory groups appear,what is the most likely reason?

A.    The credentials used to join the Cisco ISE to active directory do not have succulent privtleges to query active directory.
B.    You did not add any attribute in the Active Directory join point under the External identify source
C.    You dtd not add any groups in the Active Directory jom potnt under the External identity source
D.    A firewall is blocking tcp port 389 between the cisco ISE and active directory

Answer: C

which two types of interface events are common for cleanAir?(choose two)

A.    Microwave interference
B.    Co-channel interference
C.    Spontaneous interference
D.    Persistent mterference

Answer: CD

Which Cisco WLC configuration option should be used if you do not want to require guest user to reauthenticate via local web authentication when their device has not been associated to the cisco WLC for a longer period?

A.    Condition Web Redirect
B.    Client user idle timeout
C.    Session Timeout
D.    Sleeping Client

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit A wireless user has roamed from an AP connected to MA 1to AP connected to MA 3the traffic flow for the user between roam is shown . Which option shows the traffic flow for the user after roam,considering default sticky anchoring is enabled on the WLAN?


A.    MA-3>Distribution switch>core>mc>distribution switch >MA-1
B.    MA-3>Distribution switch>MA-1distribution switch >core
C.    MA-3> Distribution switch>MA-2>Distribution switch >core
D.    MA-3> Distribution switch >ma -2> MA-l>Distribution switch>core

Answer: A

Refer the exhibit Wireless voice users on VLAN 2150 report poor voice quality during heavy network usage.The WLC is configured correctly. Given the configuration in the exhibit,which possible cause of the problem is true?


A.    MLSQoS is not enabled on the switch.
B.    VLAN 2150 is not allowed on the trunkport of the switch
C.    The WLC switch port dose not trust CoS values for Voice traffic that traverses the WLC
D.    The wireless voice VLAN does not have the proper QoS settings.

Answer: C

Which two statement are true about the client report functionality in prime infrastructure 2.2?(Choose Two).

A.    The “Client Session” report 802.11 and security statics
B.    The “Client Count” report d1splay the total number of active clients on the network
C.    The “Busiest Clients” report dose include autonomous clients
D.    The “Client Count” report include clients to autonomous c1sco ISO APs.

Answer: BD

You are conducting a site survey for a customer that is about to deploy Cisco wireless phones.
Which three recommendations apply? (Choose three.)

A.    Minimum SNR should be 15 dB.
B.    The minimum recommended wireless signal strength for voice applications is -71 dBm.
C.    Minimum SNR should be 25 dB.
D.    Wireless cell overlap should be 20 percent.
E.    Minimum SNR should be 35 dB.
F.    The minimum recommended wireless signal strength for voice applications is -57 dBm.
G.    Wireless cell overlap should be 10 percent.
H.    The minimum recommended wireless signal strength for voice applications is -67 dBm.

Answer: CDH

You are implementing a WLC at a remote site and want to make sure that you are able to sync up with the Cisco WCS at the central site. Which two statements about this process are true? (Choose two.)

A.    If the WLC is behind a firewall, you must make sure that UDP ports 161 and 162 are open.
B.    The Cisco WCS server does not need direct IP connectivity to the WLC.
C.    Cisco WCS will not be able to communicate with the WLC if the WLC is behind a NAT device.
D.    If the WLC is behind a NAT device, the WLC’s dynamic AP-manager interface must be configured with the external NAT IP address.

Answer: AC

Which two options are valid mobility roles in which a controller can operate in during a client mobility session? (Choose two.)

A.    local
B.    auto anchor
C.    export anchor
D.    mobility announcer

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit. Which WLAN IDs will be advertised by an out-of-the-box AP that joins the WLC for the first time?


A.    5,8,12,15
B.    5,8,15
C.    8,15
D.    17,512
E.    8,15,17,512
F.    5,8,15,17,512

Answer: B

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