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Drag and Drop Question
In multiple-controller deployments, if one controller fails, the access points perform these tasks. Drag and drop the tasks on the left into the correct order on the right.




In multiple-controller deployments, if one controller fails, the access points perform the following tasks:If the lightweight access point has a primary, secondary, and tertiary controller assigned, it attempts to associate with that controller.If the access point has no primary, secondary, or tertiary controllers assigned or if its primary, secondary, or tertiary controllers are unavailable, it attempts to associate with a master controller.If the access point finds no master controller, it attempts to contact stored mobility group members by the IP address.If the mobility group members are available, and if the lightweight access point has no primary, secondary, and tertiary controllers assigned and there is no master controller active, it attempts to associate with the least-loaded controller to respond to its discovery messages.

Which statement about Wired Guest Access is true?

A.    The wired guest traffic terminates only on the anchor Cisco WLC
B.    Wired Guest Access is not supported in the Cisco 5760 WLC.
C.    The Cisco 5760 WLC supports Wired Guest Access only in conjunction with the converged access switches.
D.    The guest traffic can terminate on the foreigh WLC, but egress interface must be defined on the guest SSID.

Answer: A

You are working on a deployment that uses two Cisco APs as wireless bridges. One of the bridges is configured as a root bridge and the second bridge is configured as a nonroot bridge. Client A associates to the root bridge and client B associates to the nonroot bridge. Which two statements about this scenario are true? (Choose two)

A.    The default setting of a bridge is nonroot bridge.
B.    For two bridges to communicate with each other, one of the bridges must be in root mode and the other bridge must be in nonroot mode.
C.    Only one device can connect to the Ethernet port of a nonroot bridge.
D.    Two bridges that are in root mode can talk to each other.
E.    In point-to-multipoint bridging, WGB is not recommended with the root bridge. WGB must be associated to the root AP in point-to-multipoint bridging setup.

Answer: BE

Which statement about deploying web authentication within a Cisco Unified (AireOS controllers) wireless solution is true?

A.    When configuring Layer3 security, the controller forwards DNS traffic to and from wireless clients prior to authentication in absence of an explicit deny rule for DNS traffic in the pre-auth ACL.
B.    When doing local web authentication, the user must obtain an IP address and must be able to resolve the WLC hostname.
C.    When configuring a WLAN for local web authentication you must configure a pre-auth ACL to allow DNS traffic.
D.    When configring a WLAN for local web authentication you must use the WLC login page.

Answer: D

Which mechanism incorporates the channel capacity into the CAC destermination and gives a much more accurate assessment of the current call-carrying capacity of the AP?

A.    reserved roaming bandwidth (%)
B.    expedited bandwidth
C.    metrics collection
D.    admission control
E.    load-based AC
F.    max RF bandwidth(%)

Answer: E

Which three steps are required during the intial configuration of a Cisco Converged Access controller so that the access points can join? (Choose three)

A.    The Cisco 5760 controller that acts as a mobility controller can support up to 10000APs.
B.    Ensure that an active license is enabled with the proper AP count.
C.    Ensure that the wireless management interface is correctly configured.
D.    In a Converged Access deployment, the APs must be on the same VLAN as the wireless management interface.
E.    To enable wireless services, the Cisco 3850 switch must run an ipservices or ipbase license.
F.    Network connectivity is not necessary because all the APs connect directly to the Converged Access controller.

Answer: BCD

Which AireOS release is the first to support new Mobility on the Cisco 2504 WLC?

A.    8.1x
B.    7.6x
C.    7.4x
D.    8.0x

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit you enabled NAT to make sure that your WLC is publicly reachable. If other NAT parameters are left to default1 which statement is true. ?

A.    The AP WLC discovery fails for APs int local mode using
B.    The AP WLC discover succeeds for OEAPsjoning the WLC using
C.    The AP WLC discover succeeds for OEAPsJoning the WLC using or 209 165.200.44
D.    The AP WLC discover Fail for APs in local mode using

Answer: C

Which two statement about local profiling on a Cisco WLC running AireOS are true? (Choose two)

A.    Profiling is performed on IPV4 and IPV6 client.
B.    When local profiling is enabled , RADIUS profiling is allowed.
C.    Wired clients behind the workgroup bridge are profiled and a policy action is taken
D.    Profiling is performed only on IPV4 clients.
E.    Wired clients behind the workgroup bridge are not profiled and no policy action is taken.

Answer: DE

Which two impact dose TSPEC admission controlhave as it relates to 802.11e clients? (choose two)

A.    Enforce airtime entitlement for wireless voice applications.
B.    Ensure that call quality dose not degrade for existing VoWLAN calls.
C.    Deny client access to the WLAN that do not meet the standard.
D.    Allow access only for VoWLAN traffic when interference is detected.

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit which syslog logging facility and severity level is enabled on this AP?


A.    logging trap severity 6, logging syslog facility local7
B.    logging trap severity 3,logging syslog facility sys 10
C.    logging trap severity 5,logging syslog facility local14
D.    logging trap severity 7, logging syslog facility local 7
E.    Logging trap severity 9,logging syslog facility kernel

Answer: D

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the AVC configuration feature on the left to their respective function on the right.




Which two statement about a Cisco WLC (5500/7500/8500 Series/WiSM-2) High Availability setup running code 8.0 are true? (Choose two)

A.    Certificates are downloaded only to the primary WLC, which then pushes them to the secondary instance
B.    You can have one active WLC and multiple standby-hot
C.    It is possible to achieve HA between two Cisco Wireless Services Module 2 (WiSM2) platforms only if the controllers have been deployed on a single chassis
D.    Enabling HA requires only a reboot of the primary controller
E.    Before you enable HA, ensure that both controllers are physically connected through the redundant port using an Ethernet cable
F.    The IP addresses of the redundancy management interface and the management interface must be in the same subnet for the primary and secondary Cisco WLCs

Answer: EF

Which two Characteristic of U-APSD are true ?(Chosse two)

A.    U-APSD is enabled automatically when WMM is enabled
B.    In addition to extending battery life, U-APSD increases the latency of the traffic flow delivered over the wireless media
C.    U-APSD is configured on the access point switch port and supports the Power over Ethernet feature
D.    (Unscheduled automatic power save delivery) U-APSD is a Qos facility defined in IEEE 802.11e that extends the battery life of mobile clients

Answer: AD

Which two statement are true about adding identity services engines 1.3 to prime infrastructure 2.2 ?(choose two)

A.    You need to use super user credential on ISE for PI integration to work.
B.    A maximum of three ISEs can be added to Pl.
C.    lf you add two ISEs one should be primary and the other should be standby.
D.    configuration templates within PIcan be used to set up ISE.

Answer: AC

Which two statements about deploying a mesh network by MAPs and…?

A.    A MAP/RAP must be authorized by either PSK or EAP before
B.    The backhaul client access feature cannot be enabled on a RAP
C.    The three main type of mesh type under the neighbor information are neighbor,parent, and child. For types default neighbor, default parent, and default child, default is used when the neighbor BGN is not known or different from the currrent AP BGN if the strict matching BGN feature is disabled.
D.    Radius and Local authentications are supported with both PSK and EAP.
E.    VLAN tags are always forwared across Mesh links.

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true based upon the output in the exhibit? (Choose two.)


A.    Operation will be effective only if the video profile on the WLC is mapped to the 802.1p protocol with a tagged value of 5.
B.    It is recommended to configure IP multicast on the WLC in multicast-multicast mode.
C.    CAC must be enabled to avoid channel oversubscription and guarantee the configured media bandwidth.
D.    In case of a violation after an RRC re-evaluation, the stream is demoted to the best-effort class.

Answer: B


A.    Default Routing Protocol
B.    Pending
C.    Pending
D.    Pending

Answer: A

802.11k and 802.11k-enabled client devices send a request for a list of neighbor APs (a neighbor list) from the APs they are currently associated with.
What is this 802.11management frame also known as?

A.    reassociation response
B.    association packet
C.    beacon frame
D.    action packet

Answer: D

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the 802.11 standards on the left onto the corresponding descriptions on the right.




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