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What are two characteristics of the Name Server? (Choose two.)

A.    The service is maintained on each Brocade switch.
B.    Its database contains three record types.
C.    It maintains the name, address, and capabilities of fabric connected devices.
D.    It maintains the name and address information of fabric connected devices.

Answer: AD

Which three statements are correct regarding Fibre Channel buffer-to-buffer credits? (Choose three.)

A.    They are used between two E_Ports.
B.    They are used between two N_Ports.
C.    They are used between an N_Port and an F_Port.
D.    They are used between an F_Port and an E_Port.
E.    They are used between an EX_Port and an E_Port.

Answer: ACE

Which three statements are true regarding information available through the sensorshow command? (Choose three.)

A.    Fan speed is displayed.
B.    Only temperature status is displayed.
C.    Power supply status is displayed.
D.    Power supply voltage is displayed.
E.    Current temperature status is displayed.

Answer: ACE

What information would be derived from the switchstatuspolicyshow command to explain the reported switch state?

A.    the operational status of installed hardware components
B.    the current manually assigned state of switch
C.    the operating parameters required by Brocade for minimum operation
D.    the number of failed components allowed for determining the health of a switch Answer: D


Which two are supported in the Brocade 6520? (Choose two.)

A.    Nonport side airflow
B.    Access Gateway mode
C.    Data Center Bridging
D.    Dynamic Ports on Demand

Answer: AD

Which PCI-e Brocade adapter model supports 16 Gbps?

A.    Brocade 1860
B.    Brocade 825
C.    Brocade 815
D.    Brocade 1020

Answer: A

Which two blades are compatible with the Brocade DCX-4S? (Choose two.)

A.    FC8-32E
B.    FC8-48E
C.    FC8-64
D.    FS8-18

Answer: CD

You are upgrading your SAN to 16 Gbps. The group of switches you are currently upgrading requires 24 licensed 16 Gbps ports per switch.
Which two Brocade Fibre Channel switches will satisfy the requirement without additional licenses? (Choose two.)

A.    5300
B.    6505
C.    6510
D.    6520

Answer: CD

The FC8-64 blade uses which type of optical transceiver?

A.    SFP
B.    SFP+
C.    QSFP
D.    mSFP

Answer: D

What information will you obtain when running the sensorshow command? (Choose three.)

A.    fan speed
B.    external temperature
C.    internal temperature
D.    power supply status
E.    transceiver status

Answer: ACD

Which Brocade product supports up to two additional 24-port POD licenses?

A.    6505
B.    6520
C.    6510
D.    8510-4

Answer: B

Which two blades are compatible with the Brocade DCX 8510-4? (Choose two.)

A.    CR16-8
B.    FC8-16
C.    FC8-64
D.    FS8-18

Answer: CD

You are upgrading your Brocade HBAs to support 16 Gbps infrastructure.
Which Brocade adapter should be installed?

A.    BR-815
B.    CNA-1020
C.    FA-1860-1F
D.    BR-825

Answer: C

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