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Vendor: APC
Exam Code: PB0-200
Exam Name: NCPI Design

What is TVSS?

A.    Transient voltage Static Switch
B.    Terminal Voltage Surge Suppression
C.    Transient voltage surge suppression
D.    Transient variable surge suppression

Answer: C

If a rack-mount PDU is accidentally overloaded, which device activates and isolates the electric power to the outlets?

A.    TVSS
B.    Transformer
C.    Circuit breaker
D.    Automatic Transfer Switch

Answer: C

What physical property of all electrical equipment dictates the amount of cooling it will require?

A.    size of printed circuits boards
B.    weight ofeletronic components
C.    location of components inside equipment
D.    inefficiency of power and digital components

Answer: D

What is current?

A.    the flow of electrons through a conductor
B.    the potential difference between two points
C.    the capability of a conductor to store a charge
D.    the amount of voltage flowing through a conductor

Answer: A

What distinguishes precision cooling from comfort cooling with regard to airflow?

A.    Precision cooling has approximately 160 fm/kw vs 90 cfm/kw for comfort cooling
B.    Precision cooling has approximately 90 fm/kw vs 160 cfm/kw for comfort cooling
C.    Precision cooling must use a ducted airflow supply while comfort cooling must use a free airflow supply.
D.    Precision cooling must use a free airflow supply while comfort cooling must use a ducted airflow supply.

Answer: A

Which type air conditioning system generally has the lowest initial cost for the entire system?

A.    air cooled
B.    chilled water
C.    water cooled
D.    glycol cooled

Answer: A

What is “voltage”? (choose two)

A.    Electromotive Force (emf)
B.    The flow of electrons through a conductor
C.    The potential difference between two points
D.    The ability of a component to store a charge
E.    The energy given off as heat in an electric circuit

Answer: AC

What are two advantages of ceiling-mounted air conditioners?

A.    A raised floor is not necessary
B.    It does not take up any floor space
C.    It is easily maintained and serviced
D.    Condensation is above the dropped ceiling
E.    A contractor is not necessary for installation

Answer: AB

What is a 2N UPS system design?

A.    a dual-input single module UPS
B.    a parallel redundant UPS system consisting of two UPS modules
C.    two independent UPS system feeding dual-corded power supplies
D.    one single-module UPS feeding several dual-corded power suppies

Answer: C

QUESTION 10 has a 10-year-old computer room with a 30 cm raised-floor plenum. They have Just completed a change out of some IT equipment and also re-cabled much of the equipment with Cat5E and fiber. They are now having cooling problems in a few areas of the room. What are two likely cause?

A.    The new IT equipment draws air bottom to top, creating heat plumes around the racks
B.    When the new cabling was added, the old cable was not pulled from the raised-floor plenum, creating air dams.
C.    Some of the new IT equipment ismore dense and is generating more heat than the previous equipment at that location.
D.    The new fiber cable emits more heat than the previous copper network cabling, which causes an increase in the temperature of the air leaving the perforated tiles.

Answer: BC

Approximately how much cooling capacity does a 5-ton air conditioner have?

A.    12kw
B.    17kw
C.    20kw
D.    60kw

Answer: B

What is one advantage of using precision cooling rather than comfort cooling?

A.    No humidity control is required
B.    Reheat is available to increase humidity
C.    Temperature control is within +/-0.5 degree Celsius (+/-1 degreeFahrenhit.)
D.    Temperature control is within +/-0.3 degree Celsius (+/-5 degreeFahrenhit.)

Answer: C

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