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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-518
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 Receivables Essentials

Which two options would you use to restrict the functionality provided by a responsibility? (Choose two.)
A.    creating an appropriate role
B.    creating an appropriate group
C.    constructing a new menu hierarchy
D.    defining rules to exclude specific functions

Answer: CD

Which four transaction types or activities are affected by the “AR: Disable Receivable Activity Balancing Segment” profile option? (Choose four.)

A.    Invoices
B.    Adjustments
C.    Late charges
D.    Debit memos
E.    Credit memos
F.    Discounts (both earned and unearned)
G.    Activity applications (such as receipt write-off, short-tern debt, and claims Investigation)

Answer: BCFG

Your client is Implementing Oracle Financials and Order Management. The AR team lead has heard about the Tax Reporting Ledger and wants to know which subledger modules are used by the report. Identify three applications that can be reported by the Tax Reporting Ledger.

A.    Treasury
B.    Payables
C.    Purchasing
D.    Receivables
E.    General Ledger
F.    Cash Management
G.    Order Management

Answer: BDE

In order for supplementary data sources to be registered in Oracle Bill Presentment Architecture (BPA). They must be interfaced with which Oracle Application?

A.    Oracle Projects
B.    Oracle Receivables
C.    Oracle Service Contract
D.    Oracle Order Management

Answer: B

Identify the Receivables activity type where you are unable to select the tax rate code source option of invoice.

A.    Adjustment
B.    Earned discount
C.    Unearned discount
D.    Miscellaneous cash

Answer: D

ABC Corp. Has the following Organization Structure:
1.    Legal Entity: A
2.    Operating Units: B and C
3.    Balancing Entities: 10, 20, and 30
Identify three correct statements regarding the Balancing Entity. (Choose three.)

A.    Each Balancing Entity must balance within itself.
B.    There can be multiple Balancing Entities within an Operating Unit.
C.    Balancing Entity is the lowest postable unit in the Chart of Accounts.
D.    Balancing Entities can be secured at the Operating Unit level through Security Rules.

Answer: AB

A receipt of $2,000 Is received for an Invoice that has $1,500 as the amount due. The remittance advice does not state a reason for the overpayment ldentify the receipt state that should be displayed;

A.    Applied
B.    Unapplied
C.    On-account
D.    Unidentified
E.    Partially applied

Answer: B

Which three statements are true about accounting rules? (Choose three.)

A.    Accounting rules enable you to defer revenue.
B.    Accounting rules enable you to define fixed and variable rules to recognize revenue.
C.    Accounting rules enable you to define the number of periods and percentage of total revenue that you can record in each accounting period.
D.    Accounting rules enable you to define the number of periods and amount of invoice that you can bill your customer in each accounting period.

Answer: ABC

Your functional end users are perplexed by the contents of the Antolnvoice Execution report. They needed expert guidance and cause to you. You look at the report and see that the Interface Lines section of the report shows the following:
Selected: 9
Successfully Processed: 8
Failed Validation: 0
What is the likely reason for this?

A.    An adjustment update of an old Invoice Is Included In this batch.
B.    The General Ledger (GL) code combination 10 failed the cross validation rules.
C.    A debit memo for an Invoice and the Invioice itself were submitted in the same batch tr\6 the debit memo is selected first.
D.    A credit memo for an Invoice and the invoice itself are submitted In the same batch and the credit memo Is selected first.
E.    The GL code combination segment value for the cost center was valid in the prior calendar month but is end-dated a day earlier.

Answer: D

Company ABC implementing Oracle User Management (OUM). It has decided to implement the Self Service and Approvals access control layer. What are the three self-service registration tasks an end user can perform? (Choose three.)

A.    Reset passwords.
B.    Obtain new user accounts.
C.    Request deactivation of responsibility.
D.    Request reports to be added to request set.
E.    Request additional access to the applications.

Answer: ABE

Identify three true statements about defining actions In Oracle Alert. (Choose three.)

A.    An alert can contain only one Action Set.
B.    An alert can contain any number of Action Sets.
C.    When multiple actions are defined they must be Included fn an Action Set.
D.    Oracle Alert waits for user response before executing next action fn an Action Set.
E.    When multiple actions are defined, they do not need to include in an Action Set.
F.    Oracle Alert does not wait for user response before executing nest action In an Action Set.

Answer: BCF

Identify three setups In Oracle Receivables that control how discounts are calculated. (Choose three.)

A.    Profile options
B.    Payment terms
C.    System options
D.    Receipt classes
E.    Customer profiles

Answer: ABC

Indentify three steps to be performed after defining a Flexfield structure, but before entering values. (Choose three.)

A.    Select the “Freeze Flexfield Defintion” check box.
B.    Click the Compile button to build the Flexfield structure.
C.    Save your changes before freezing the Flexfield definition.
D.    Submit a concurrent request to build the Flexfield structure.
E.    Do not save your changes before freezing the Flexfield definition.

Answer: ABC

Several fields are required during manual Invoice entry. Which are the field required at the header level?

A.    date, customer, source, type, GL, date, legal, entity
B.    date, legal entity, bill-to, source, type, class, remit-to
C.    terms, date, bill-to, source, legal entity, type, remit-to
D.    date, customer, source, type, General Ledger (GL) data, class
E.    date, source, class, type, GL date, legal entity, bill-to, terms, remit-to

Answer: E

Identify two options that users can specify using Multi-Org preferences. (Choose two.)

A.    set up the default Operating Unit
B.    set up frequently accessed responsibilities
C.    set up date, currency, and number formats
D.    set up frequently accessed forms and webpages
E.    set up the access to a limited list of Operating Units

Answer: AE

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