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This MDADM output:

Which two aspects can be determined from this output?

A.    A device failed and has been removed from this RAID set.
B.    It is no longer possible to write to this RAID set.
C.    Read and write performance is no longer optimal on this RAID set.
D.    This RAID set was built without a spare device.
E.    Only Write performance is no longer optimal on this RAID set.

Answer: AD

Examine the command on its output:
[root@FAROUT ~] # modprobe -v nfs
Insmod /lib/modules/2.6.39-100.0.12.e16uek.x86_64/kernel/fs/nfs_common/nfs_acl.ko insmod /lob/modules/2.6.39-
Insmod /lib/modules/2.6.39-100.0.12.e16uek.x86_64/kernel/fs/fscache/fscache/ko
Insmod /lib/modules/2.6.39-100.0.12.e16uek.x86_64/kernel/fs/locked.ko
Insmod /lib/modules/2.6.39-100.0.12.e16uek.x86_64/kernel/fs/nfs/nfs.ko
Which two statements are true about the modprobe command?

A.    It will load the nfs module if all the modules upon which it depends have been loaded.
B.    It displays the dependency resolution for the nfs module and loads all the modules upon which nfs depends before loading the nfs module.
C.    It verifies that the nfs module and all other modules that depend on the nfs module are installed.
D.    It displays the dependency resolution that would occur if the nfs module were to be loaded using modprobe nfs.
E.    It only loads the nfs module if all the modules upon which it depends have not been loaded yet.

Answer: A
Explanation: (kernel module utilities)

What is the main advantage of the Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel compared with the Red Hat compatible kernel?

A.    It is more secure and, therefore, more difficult to hack.
B.    It has a lower Mean Time Between Failures.
C.    It provides higher availability for applications by reducing Mean Time to Recovery.
D.    It scales better for more CPUS, memory, and Infiniband network connections.

Answer: D
The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, for those who want to leverage the latest features from
mainline Linux and boost performance and scalability. The Red Hat Compatible Kernel, for those who prefer strict Red Hat kernel ABI (kABI) compatibility.

Examine this output:
# df -t nfs
FilesystemSizeUsedAvailUse%Mounted on
# 1s -1 /mnt/
-rwxr-mr-x. 1 root root 22 May 8 16:37 /mnt/
# file /mnt/
/mnt/ Bourne-Again shell script text executables
# /mnt/
bash: /mnt/ Permission denied
What is the reason for the error?

A.    The file system was exported on host o16 using the ROOT_SQUASH option.
B.    The /export filesystem was mounted with the NOEXEC option on host o16.
C.    The filesystem mounted on /mnt was mounted with the NOEXEC option.
D.    The filesystem was exported on host o16 by using the NO_ROOT_SQUASH option.

Answer: A

Which two software packages are prerequisites for enabling the configuration and use of a Network information Service (Nis) client?

A.    nis-tools
B.    slapi-nis
C.    ypbind
D.    nisserv
E.    nisbind
F.    yp-tools

Answer: CE
C: ypbind finds the server for NIS domains and maintains the NIS binding information. The client (normaly the NIS routines in the standard C library) could get the information over RPC from ypbind or read the binding files.
E: Setting up a NIS master server:
Required packages: yp-tools ypbind ypserv portmap

Which two Statements are true concerning the configuration and use of cron and anacron?

A.    Anacron jobs are used to make sure cron jobs run if the system had been down when they were meant to run.
B.    All crontabs are held in the /etc/cron.d directory.
C.    Cron jobs may run as frequently as once a minute.
D.    Anacron jobs may run as frequently as once a minute.
E.    The crond daemon looks for jobs only in /etc/crontab.

Answer: CE
Note: Anacron is the cron for desktops and laptops.
Anacron does not expect the system to be running 24 x 7 like a server.
When you want a background job to be executed automatically on a machine that is not running 24 x 7, you should use anacron.
not D: /etc/anacrontab file has the anacron jobs mentioned in the following format.
period delay job-identifier command
Field 1 is Recurrence period: This is a numeric value that specifies the number of days.
1 – daily
7 – weekly
30 – monthly
N – This can be any numeric value. N indicates number of days

You recently updated the strace package to the latest version as shown:

What is the outcome of running this command?

A.    It downgrades the strace package to version 4.5.19-1.6.e16.
B.    It downgrades strace package to version 4.5.19-1.11.e16_3.2.
C.    It fails with an error because you cannot downgrade a package using the yum command.
D.    It fails with an error because there are multiple versions available to which Yum can downgrade the strace package.
E.    It will prompt you to select a version of the strace package that you want to downgrade.

Answer: A

Which statement is true concerning the /etc/sysconfig directory and its files and subdirectories?

A.    The contents are always the same for a specific version of the Oracle Linux Kernel.
B.    The file /etc/sysconfig/init is used by upstart to control the attributes of the tty devices that get started.
C.    The directory /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts contains files that must not be modified while the network is up.
D.    The files only contain default values for certain daemon processes.

Answer: B
The /etc/sysconfig/init file controls how the system appears and functions during the boot process.
Note: The /etc/sysconfig directory contains files that control your system’s configuration. The contents of this directory depend on the packages that you have installed on your system

Examine the routing table:


Which three statements are true concerning the routing of IP packets?

A.    Traffic to is routed via eth1.
B.    Traffic to is routed via eth1.
C.    Traffic to is routed via eth2.
D.    Traffic to is routed via eth2.
E.    Traffic to is routed via eth0.
F.    Traffic to is routed via eth0.

Answer: BD

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