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An attacker configures an access point to broadcast the same SSID that is used at a public hot- spot, and launches a deauthentication attack against the clients that are connected to the hot-spot, with the hope that the clients will then associate to the AP of the attacker.
In addition to the deauthentication attack, what attack has been launched?

A.    man-in-the-middle
B.    MAC spoofing
C.    Layer 1 DoS
D.    disassociation attack

Answer: A

Which statement best describes the concepts of rootkits and privilege escalation?

A.    Rootkits propagate themselves.
B.    Privilege escalation is the result of a rootkit.
C.    Rootkits are a result of a privilege escalation.
D.    Both of these require a TCP port to gain access.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which message of the ISAKMP exchange is failing?

A.    main mode 1
B.    main mode 3
C.    aggressive mode 1
D.    main mode 5
E.    aggressive mode 2

Answer: B

Which multicast capability is not supported by the Cisco ASA appliance?

A.    ASA configured as a rendezvous point
B.    sending multicast traffic across a VPN tunnel
C.    NAT of multicast traffic
D.    IGMP forwarding (stub) mode

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. What type of attack is being mitigated on the Cisco ASA appliance?


A.    HTTPS certificate man-in-the-middle attack
B.    HTTP distributed denial of service attack
C.    HTTP Shockwave Flash exploit
D.    HTTP SQL injection attack

Answer: D

Which method of output queuing is supported on the Cisco ASA appliance?

B.    priority queuing
C.    MDRR
D.    WFQ
E.    custom queuing

Answer: B

Which four values can be used by the Cisco IPS appliance in the risk rating calculation? (Choose four.)

A.    attack severity rating
B.    target value rating
C.    signature fidelity rating
D.    promiscuous delta
E.    threat rating
F.    alert rating

Answer: ABCD

Which three authentication methods does the Cisco IBNS Flexible Authentication feature support? (Choose three.)

A.    cut-through proxy
B.    dot1x
C.    MAB
D.    SSO
E.    web authentication

Answer: BCE

Troubleshooting the web authentication fallback feature on a Cisco Catalyst switch shows that clients with the 802.1X supplicant are able to authenticate, but clients without the supplicant are not able to use web authentication. Which configuration option will correct this issue?

A.    switch(config)# aaa accounting auth-proxy default start-stop group radius
B.    switch(config-if)# authentication host-mode multi-auth
C.    switch(config-if)# webauth
D.    switch(config)# ip http server
E.    switch(config-if)# authentication priority webauth dot1x

Answer: D

Which option on the Cisco ASA appliance must be enabled when implementing botnet traffic filtering?

A.    HTTP inspection
B.    static entries in the botnet blacklist and whitelist
C.    global ACL
D.    NetFlow
E.    DNS inspection and DNS snooping

Answer: E

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