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Refer to the exhibit. Assuming no traffic engineering has been configured, what is the link speed of port channel 200?

A.    8 Gbps
B.    4 Gbps
C.    1 Gbps
D.    6 Gbps

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. SwichA and SwicthB have these zonesets currently active and are connected by an ISL that is configured to the transport VSAN3. Enhanced zoning is configured for VSAN 3, and merge-control is set to restrict. Which statement about this configuration is true?

A.    Enhanced zoning is configured, so the user is prompted on the CLI to permit or deny Zone2 into the active zone set.
B.    Zone merge fails because the currently active zone sets are not identical.
C.    Zone merge successes and the resulting zone set matches switch.
D.    Zone merge fails because merge-control set to restrict, which means that merges are never permitted.
E.    Zone merge succeeds but Zone2 is dropped from the active zone set because it is not currently included in the active zone set in switchA

Answer: B

Which two options are different ways to extend the layer 3 domain beyond the ACI Fabric? (Choose 2).

A.    Extend the bridge domain out of the ACE fabric
B.    Extend VETP out of the ACI fabric
C.    Extend the EPG out of the ACI fabric
D.    Configure fabric access polices on the ACI fabric to match the port settings at the remote end.

Answer: AC

How do you manually configure a VNIC MAC address?

A.    Modify the dynamic vNIC connection policy.
B.    Use the mac-address-table-static command.
C.    Use the set identity dynamic-mac command
D.    Modify the adapter policy

Answer: C

Cisco UCS Director provides an option to offer the report metadata and REST API Browser for developers. Which configuration step is needed in Cisco UCS Director to enable this feature?

A.    Enable the developer Menu.
B.    Enable report metadata.
C.    Enable the debugging menu.
D.    Enable the rest api.

Answer: A

In which location can device package logs be found?

A.    /data/<device package name>/logs
B.    /data/devicescript/logs
C.    /var/sysmgr/tmp_logs/<device package name>/logs
D.    /data/devicescript/<device package name>/logs
E.    /var/logs/dme/log/<device package name>/logs

Answer: D

In cloud computing, which statement best describes a hybrid cloud?

A.    A service cloud that provides compute servers to multiple tenants.
B.    A cloud architecture that combines different cloud offerrings such as infrastructure as a service and software as a service.
C.    A type of infrastructure as a service cloud that provides ad hoc storage.
D.    A cloud architecture where there is a data exchange between public and private cloud offerings

Answer: D

which two guidelines apply to private VLAN configuration when you are running FabricPath? (Choose 2)

A.    FabricPath ports can be put into a private vlan.
B.    On the F-series modules, user-configured static MAC addresses are programmed on all forwarding engines that have ports in the VLAN.
C.    All VLANS in a private VLAN must be in the same VLAN mode; either CE or fabric path.
D.    The system does support hierarchical static MAC addresses.

Answer: BC

Which two statements about IP-directed broadcast are true? (Choose 2)

A.    The destination address in the IP header of the packet is rewritten to the configured IP broadcast address for the subnet, and the packet is sent as a link-layer broadacast.
B.    All switches in the network forward an ip-directed broadcast in the same way they forward multicast IP packets.
C.    An IP-directed broadcast is an IP packet whose destination address is a valid broadcasts address, and it originates from a node that is also part of the same subnet.
D.    A switch that is not directly connected to its destination subnet forwards an ip-directed broadcast in the same way it forwards unicast IP packets destined to a host on that subnet.

Answer: AD

In an ACI fabric, which three types of interface are supported on border leaf switches to connect to an external router? (Choose 3)

A.    Any interfaces that supports VXLAN encapsulation
B.    Subinterface with 802.1Q tagging
C.    Layer 3 interface
D.    10GBE interface
E.    Switch virtual interface

Answer: BCE
Border Leaves
The border leaves are ACI leaves that provide layer 3 connections to outside networks. Any ACI leaf can be a border leaf. These can also simply be called leaf switches. There is no limitation in the number of leaf switches that can be used as border leaves. The border leaf can also be used to connect to compute, IP storage, and service appliances. In large-scale design scenarios it may be preferred to have border leaf switches separated from the leaves that connect to compute and service appliances for scalability reasons.
Three different types of interfaces are supported on a border leaf switches to connect to an external router:
● Layer 3 interface
● Sub-interface with 802.1Q tagging – With sub-interface, the same physical interface can be used to provide a layer 2 outside connection for multiple private networks
● Switched Virtual Interface (SVI) – With an SVI interface, the same physical interface that supports layer 2 and layer 3 and the same physical interface can be used for a layer 2 outside connection as well as a layer 3 outside connection

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