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Which protocol function as transfer protocol between Cisco open SDN controller and forwarding device?

A.    PCEP
B.    BGP LS
C.    OpenFlow
D.    OSPF or ISIS

Answer: C

A postman script to poll object was working, but suddenly stop:

A.    APIC license expired
B.    the object data being returned as JSON instead XML
C.    a man in the middle attack
D.    authentication token expired

Answer: B

In a network function virtualization reference architecture which statement about virtualized network function? (choose two)

A.    VNF functionality include control and management of compute, storage and network resource ==> VIM
B.    one VNF can be deployed over multiple VMs
C.    VNF is virtualization of legacy network function
D.    VNF is totally of hardware and software component that build up the NFV environment ==> NFV
E.    VNF perform orchestration and lifecycle management of software resource ==> NFV Orchestrator (NFVO)

Answer: BC

In IOT Infrastructure, which two option considered Low-power and Lossy Networks (Choose 2)

A.    Routers
B.    Sensors
C.    Controllers
D.    Nodes
E.    Access points

Answer: BC

Which security mechanism could be used to secure CoAP (choose 1 answers)

A.    DTLS
B.    MACsec
C.    IPsec
D.    TLS

Answer: D

Which technology provides fast forwarding path failure detection times for all media type.

A.    IP Dampening
B.    UDLD
C.    BFD
D.    NSF

Answer: BCD

Which open source cloud computing platform uses the Neutron project as Network:

A.    OpenStack
B.    opendaylight
C.    Ansible
D.    Cisco UCS Director

Answer: A

Which controller uses policy-based application profile?

A.    cisco open SDN controller
B.    openflow control
C.    cisco ucs director
D.    openstack
E.    cisco APIC

Answer: E

Which feature allows an MPLS TE Tunnel to be used by an IGP at the headend of the tunnel:

A.    MPLS TE link management
B.    MPLS TE auto-route announce
C.    generalized MPLS
D.    MPLS TE Forwarding Adjacency
E.    Differentiated Service TE

Answer: B

Which option describes a service/network (forget between network or service) function as defined in SDN?

A.    a virtual server
B.    a virtual device
C.    a virtual chain
D.    a virtual network function

Answer: D

Which solution meets these requirements:
– prevent multicast transit
– reduce overall processing of pim controll
– protect against multicast spoofing

A.    PIM allow RP
B.    explicit tracking of receivers
C.    multicast stub routing
D.    source specific multicast

Answer: D

Which two components are shared among SDR:

A.    forwarding engine
B.    fans
C.    memory
D.    cpu
E.    fabric

Answer: BE

Which statement about the Cisco Intercloud Fabric is true?

A.    it provides a L2 extension of an enterprise network into the public cloud
B.    it dynamically establishes adjacencies between cisco intercloud Switch VMs
C.    it provides a virtual storage space for VMs inside of public cloud
D.    it facilitates encrypted communications between VMs inside private cloud

Answer: A

A service provider has requirement to prevent spoofing attack by verify the reachability source address in a packet that forwarded into network, which method should be used:

A.    CoPP
B.    iACL
C.    uRPF
D.    RTBH

Answer: D

A Service provider is working to develop evolving security toolset in regard to increasing amount of attack in which scenario of Backscatter Traceback solution recommend:

A.    Network attack tcp/udp scan
B.    ping of death
C.    rogue dns/dhcp server
D.    DDoS

Answer: D

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