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Which can you find which delta process type is supported by a DataSource? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    In the InfoPackage for the DataSource
B.    In the ROOSOURCE table
C.    In DataSource postprocessing
D.    In the Data Transfer Process (DTP)

Answer: B

Which table do you use if you want to know the properties of the delta process of a DataSource (delta type, record modes in the delta process, and serialization)? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    RSOLTPSOURCE in the BW system
B.    RSDS in the BW system
C.    PSA table of the DataSource
D.    RODELTAM in the BW or source system.

Answer: D

What are functions of a Data Transfer Process? (2 correct answer(s))

A.    Move data records with errors to an error stack.
B.    Automatically delete data records with errors.
C.    Use filter criteria to transfer only a subset of records.
D.    Simultaneously transfer data into multiple target objects.

Answer: AC

Which of the following objects can you use as target objects in a transformation? (3 correct answer(s))

A.    DataSource
B.    InfoSource
C.    InfoObject
D.    InfoSet
E.    InfoCube

Answer: BCE

Which of the following components do you need to design a BW data flow? (3 correct answer(s))

A.    DataSource / PSA
B.    Process Chain
C.    Expert routine
D.    Transformation
E.    InfoProvider

Answer: ADE

What is the function of an InfoSource? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    To join multiple transformations
B.    To extract data from an SAP ERP source system
C.    To transfer data within BW from a persistent object to another object
D.    To define the parameters for the data transfer to a particular DataSource

Answer: A

You want to export your organizational hierarchy data from the BW system to a third party system. Which option do you use to export the hierarchy data into a flat file? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Flexible InfoSource
B.    Direct Update InfoSource
C.    Open Hub Destination
D.    Transports

Answer: C

A customer-specific field has been added to the sales order line item table. You must now add this field to an existing BW query. To which of the following BW objects do you have to add the customer-specific field? (2 correct answer(s))

A.    InfoPackage
B.    Data Transfer Process (DTP)
C.    DataSource
D.    InfoProvider

Answer: CD

You performed an initial load. Which of the following options do you choose to improve the activation performance of the standard DataStore Object? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    “Do not condense requests into one request” in the Load Activation screen of the standard DataStore Object?
B.    “Update Data Automatically” in the standard DataStore Object settings.
C.    “New, Unique Records Only” in the Load Activation screen of the standard DataStore Object.
D.    “Activate Data Automatically” in the standard DataStore Object settings.

Answer: C

Your customer wants to migrate SAP BW 3.x Data Flows to SAP BW 7.x Data Flows.
What can they do to mitigate the risks of the migration? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Use emulation first to model the Data Flow with transformations and a data transfer process.
B.    Create the Data Flow manually to create update rules and a data transfer process.
C.    Use emulation first to model the Data Flow with update rules and a data transfer process.
D.    Create the Data Flow manually to create transformations and a data transfer process.

Answer: A

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