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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 74-353
Exam Name: Windows UX Design
Version: 14.91

Which of the following actions does the Windows button or Windows key perform in Windows 8?

A.    switches between the Windows Start screen and the current application
B.    opens and closes the charms bar
C.    starts Windows Internet Explorer
D.    opens and closes the app bars

Answer: A

You have an image file named image.jpg.
You need to provide scaled image files to leverage Windows 8 resource loading.
Which filenames should you use for the scaled image files?

A.    image-100.jpg, image-140.jpg, and image-180.jpg
B.    image-scale-l.jpg, image-scale-2.jpg, and image-scale-3.jpg
C.    image.scale-100.jpg, image.scale-140.jpg, and image.scale-180.jpg
D.    image-scale-l.jpg, image-scale-L4.jpg, and image-scale-L8.jpg

Answer: D

Which of the following statements about pixel density is true?

A.    Higher-density and lower-density screens may be the same size.
B.    A higher-density screen is always larger than a lower-density screen.
C.    a higher-density screen is always smaller than a lower-density screen.
D.    Elements appear larger on a higher-density screen than on a lower-density screen.

Answer: A

What is the screen width of a Windows 8 snapped view?

A.    256 pixels
B.    320 pixels
C.    360 pixels
D.    400 pixels

Answer: B

You are designing a Windows 8 application for a newspaper.
On the page that allows users to read a complete article, which layout method should you use to adapt the content to different screen sizes?

A.    Fixed layout: Scale the entire layout up to fit any screen size by using the Viewbox control.
B.    None: Always allow Windows 8 to automatically rescale the application.
C.    Distinct layout: Provide a specific layout for each possible screen size and orientation.
D.    Adaptive layout: Allow areas of the page to grow to accommodate additional space.

Answer: D

When implementing snapped view, what should you do?

A.    Maintain consistent font sizes with the filled view.
B.    Maintain context when entering and exiting snapped view.
C.    Scroll in the same direction as the filled view.
D.    Use the same layout as the filled view.

Answer: B

Which of the following built-in user interface controls is most suited for adaptive layout?

A.    Flyout
B.    PanelView
C.    Viewbox
D.    ListView

Answer: B

What is the meaning of the phrase ‘Design for touch first’?

A.    Support for mouse and keyboard interaction is optional.
B.    Prioritize touch interaction over mouse and keyboard interaction.
C.    Ensure that users can directly manipulate content by using touch.
D.    Always allow users to switch between touch mode and mouse-and-keyboard modes.

Answer: C

You are designing a shopping cart for an e-commerce application. Users will commit to purchase transactions by clicking a Confirm button. What is the recommended minimum target width for this high-consequence action button?

A.    5 mm
B.    7 mm
C.    9 mm
D.    12 mm

Answer: C

When designing interactions for Windows 8 applications, which posture is most important to design for?

A.    Two hands holding the device, thumbs interacting with the device,
B.    Device resting on table or lap, two hands interacting with the device.
C.    One hand holding, one hand interacting with the device.
D.    Whatever posture is relevant to application user scenarios.

Answer: D

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