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Which of the following best describes Chain of Evidence in the context of security forensics?

A.    Evidence is locked down, but not necessarily authenticated.
B.    Evidence is controlled and accounted for to maintain its authenticity and integrity.
C.    The general whereabouts of evidence is known.
D.    Someone knows where the evidence is and can say who had it if it is not logged.

Answer: B

Which option is a benefit of implementing RFC 2827?

A.    prevents DoS from legitimate, non-hostile end systems
B.    prevents disruption of special services such as Mobile IP
C.    defeats DoS attacks which employ IP source address spoofing
D.    restricts directed broadcasts at the ingress router
E.    allows DHCP or BOOTP packets to reach the relay agents as appropriate

Answer: C

Which of the following provides the features of route summarization, assignment of contiguous blocks of addresses, and combining routes for multiple classful networks into a single route?

A.    classless interdomain routing
B.    route summarization
C.    supernetting
D.    private IP addressing

Answer: A

Aggregate global IPv6 addresses begin with which bit pattern in the first 16-bit group?

A.    000/3
B.    001/3
C.    010/2
D.    011/2

Answer: B

Which layer of the OSI reference model typically deals with the physical addressing of interface cards?

A.    physical layer
B.    data-link layer
C.    network layer
D.    host layer

Answer: B

Which statement best describes a key difference in IPv6 fragmentation support compared to IPv4?

A.    In IPv6, IP fragmentation is no longer needed because all Internet links must have an IP MTU of
1280 bytes or greater.
B.    In IPv6, PMTUD is no longer performed by the source node of an IP packet.
C.    In IPv6, IP fragmentation is no longer needed since all nodes must perform PMTUD and send packets
equal to or smaller than the minimum discovered path MTU.
D.    In IPv6, PMTUD is no longer performed by any node since the don’t fragment flag is removed from
the IPv6 header.
E.    In IPv6, IP fragmentation is performed only by the source node of a large packet, and not by any other
devices in the data path.

Answer: E

If a host receives a TCP packet with an SEQ number of 1234, an ACK number of 5678, and a length of 1000 bytes, what will it send in reply?

A.    a TCP packet with SEQ number: 6678, and ACK number: 1234
B.    a TCP packet with SEQ number: 2234, and ACK number: 5678
C.    a TCP packet with SEQ number: 1234, and ACK number: 2234
D.    a TCP packet with SEQ number: 5678, and ACK number 2234

Answer: D

A network administrator uses a LAN analyzer to troubleshoot OSPF router exchange messages sent to all OSPF routers. To which one of these MAC addresses are these messages sent?

A.    00-00-1C-EF-00-00
B.    01-00-5E-00-00-05
C.    01-00-5E-EF-00-00
D.    EF-FF-FF-00-00-05
E.    EF-00-00-FF-FF-FF

Answer: B

Comparing and contrasting IKEv1 and IKEv2, which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A.    IKEv2 adds EAP as a method of authentication for clients; IKEv1 does not use EAP.
B.    IKEv1 and IKEv2 endpoints indicate support for NAT-T via the vendor_ID payload.
C.    IKEv2 and IKEv1 always ensure protection of the identities of the peers during the negotiation process.
D.    IKEv2 provides user authentication via the IKE_AUTH exchange; IKEv1 uses the XAUTH exchange.
E.    IKEv1 and IKEv2 both use INITIAL_CONTACT to synchronize SAs.
F.    IKEv1 supports config mode via the SET/ACK and REQUEST/RESPONSE methods; IKEv2 supports

Answer: ADE

Which three statements about GDOI are true? (Choose three.)

A.    GDOI uses TCP port 848.
B.    The GROUPKEY_PULL exchange is protected by an IKE phase 1 exchange.
C.    The KEK protects the GROUPKEY_PUSH message.
D.    The TEK is used to encrypt and decrypt data traffic.
E.    GDOI does not support PFS.

Answer: BCD

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